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How to beat anxiety ?

after a week of thinking i had a tumor from pain behind my right eye and a lack of emotions i got told its normal only stress and everythings temporary
so thats a reilf feeling happiness again but anxiety kicked in and i cant stop self analysing self
i know its prob normal to make sure im fine but its really wearing me out guys
can anyone give me some tips ?
i see a therapist soon after the dr finds me one for free
i just want to be normal again and enjoy life helping my mum and dad
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ill try :(
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"i cant stop self analysing self "
"i know its prob normal to make sure im fine but its really wearing me out "

No, it isn't normal to keep self analyzing after receiving a diagnosis of no problem, but since you keep doing it you are actually feeding your anxiety problem. You are not solving anything - how could you since you aren't a doc - all you will ever be able ot do is go from one worry into another then back to the first one in a never ending circle if you don't stop the repetitive self-diagnosis - no wonder it is wearing you out.

The key is to accept the diagnosis just like you would have done a year ago if doc said there was nothing wrong. Not everyone can do that, but it is the only path to peace.
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Well, if it were only as easy as accepting hard facts to quell our anxiety, this forum wouldn't even be existence.  THAT in itself (worry over things that are illogical or unlikely) is the crux of the matter for most anxious people.

OP....have you done anything yet to try to address the anxiety and worry?  Have you looked into talking to a therapist?  How long has this been going on?  How old are you?

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i fixed  my pain :)
i was souching and it was compressing my spine causing pain in my eye
i see a therapist and a chiropractor thursday
when i walk around with good posture the pain goes away and stays away
im 24  
thank you for your help everyone
the dr gave me 10 mg liprox i think its called  but i havent taken any
im 80 % better today :)
i dont feel like im burning out anymore since the pains gone
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thinks that have helped ... chewing gum laying down  and wearing hoods
ive realised for the last few weeks i have been sleeping crooked and slouching because of my dads diagnosis
plus the neck roll my chiropractor gave me i got up the wrong way
i hope this can help someone out there
ill tell you all how i go with the chiropractor and therapist ... thursday seems so far away  
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thank you for your help
now that i solved the pain problem i gotto be more positive
can you give me any tips to bouncing back ? do you trust drugs like lexapro?
i try to end the  circle but its hard ..
i cant seem to feel emotions to comfort myself since taking zoloft back a year ago
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Good work Johnny. I didn't mean it was easy for everyone, and usually put that disclaimer in my posts but sometimes get lazy like I did here. However, in your case it was easy in that you don't have any more fears about other issues.
I didn't know you had been on anti-anx meds. How long, what was the reason and did you try any non-med solutions back then?
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Ignore this as it was just a half formed thought and isn't applicable. "However, in your case it was easy in that you don't have any more fears about other issues."
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a year ago i was on zoloft after dislocating my shoulder and waking up with numbness in my  skull ...
for 3 monthss  it was like it til i met a chiropractor who showed me proof it was my c1 and he cracked my neck into place
3 weeks later pain was gone
i was feeling 100 % again ... sadly i was still on zoloft
i weened off them and always felt like my emotions were turned down a notch
im not as scared anymore  and such
i thought over time those chemicals would build back
but i kept having nightmares waking up in cold sweat  i was glad though to be away from that pain
last monday i had a stabbing feeling in my eye after having a hard week finding out my dads cancer spread
i was slouching heaps going hard with exerise but at the same time trying to  do the right thing when i noticed my feeling are not showing as much as it should ...i should be upset  or mad  
next day someone crashed into my car and took off without leaving a note
i felt like i cracked abit
but i should of been more mad then what i was ....
then i realised that stabbing feelings gotton worse  so i went to a dr and he said it was stress
strange enough i stood up straight instead of slouching and the pain vanishes ...
right now i have no pain but the anxiety is bad
i never wanna go back to a vegetable thinking i was mentally sick when i wasnt :
sorry if this is messy im writing this down on a tablet  
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so fixing stabbing feeling done  

fix emotions undecided its hard to figure that out

fix anxiety  really undecided .. at this moment i cant tell if i got a grip o myself or not  

do you have any ideas how to fix these ? the therapist is coming up  aand i dont think i want to take these lexipro or whatever its called  until i see the therapist
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Do you have any good meditation videos ?
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could you help me with my emotion issues ?
is this normal after being on zoloft ?
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Dear, you need to take a deep breath.  You're posting the same things on multiple threads, AND sending multiple PMs.  People will answer when they have time.  WE cannot fix this for you.  We can make recommendations, but you have to follow them.

The very best thing you can do for yourself is get yourself super busy with life.  Distraction is a huge help with anxiety, because all you're doing is sitting around ruminating and worrying.

There are lots of books about anxiety that are helpful too.  Browse through aour resource list and find one or two that you think would be helpful, and get them, and start reading.

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i know sorry :(
i just have so many questions and i dodnt see a therapist til the next 5 days
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omg imust of been out of it  
2 days not 5
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This is today's post from jonny on a new thread that jonny started, that I copied here so anyone can see the whole history.

Can somebody please help me ...  i feel so screwed up  
i gave up a while back when i was a vegtable for 3 months on zoloft to find out i wasnt having panic attacks it was a nerve in my spine
the chiropractor fixed it ....
3 months of thinking i was  crazy and the numbness wasnt real right after dislocating my arm ...
i gave up during the 3 months because no matter how hard i tryed it just seemed like the pain was real wich it was and now im a complete mess even after the chiropractor fixed it :(
so its been a year .. my dads cancer spreads someone just hits my car and takes off and here i am hardly feeling emotions anymore and theres a pain behind my eye
drs said it was stress but then i realise ive gotto see the chiropractor again  

this is what i needed fixed  now that im off zoloft

* i need to feel emotions again ( that reward feeling )
*i need help stoping anxiety levels from screwing up my life (has only haappened recently.. im not sure if its just the nerve or really anxiety sadly )

life is really sucking at the moment so if anyone can suggest things to help or been through this it would be a big help

i see a chiropractor and a therapist for the first time in 2 more days .... so long away  
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