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How to deal with anxiety without medicine.....

I suffer from social anxiety. I haven't gone to a doctor but I self diagnosed myself, I have textbook symptoms. I recently lost my job and have no medical insurance, so I can't really afford to visit a doctor right now. I do take Kava Kava and St. Johns Wort, which helps calm my nerves a little. I try to control my attacks before they start because I know what types of situations trigger them....work.....driving....speaking in public....large groups.....interviews....foreign situations.....etc....

Anybody has any advice on ways to deal with anxiety, panic and fear without medicines? I really want to get it under control because it's hindering me from finding a job. Thanks in advance!!
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I don't mean to blow you off, but I suggest you post this question over on the Complmentary Medicine Forum. The folks there know WAY more than we do about herbal/natural remedies and can give you expert advice.
I think the two herbs you're trying now are very good. Kava is great for anxiety and St. Johns Wort is good for depression, but sometimes I think they recommend you take some other things along with it.
Please be sure to tell them about ANY pharmaceutical meds you take so they can make sure there is no serious interacitons.
(You can just cut and paste your question!)
I wish you the best and hope you find not only relief but a job! Being out of work and not having insurance sure doesn't help with the anxiety and depression, does it?
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First, I don't mean to blow you off either, but you're not describing social anxiety, you're describing what I think nowadays they call panic attack syndrome with agoraphobia, or something complicated like that.  Social anxiety is when you're anxious around groups or other people, not anxiety when driving and such.  That's just plain old anxiety.  Not that it matters that much.  As for natural treatment, buy a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA.  That's first.  Second, St. John's Wort is used for depression, not anxiety, and you didn't say if you also suffer from depression.  Something that works for both is 5-HTP, a metabolite of tryptophan that helps the body manufacture serotonin more efficiently.  Kava's great for anxiety, as long as you don't have any liver problems, but using herbs in combination works better, and the natural approach would always include therapy, relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises, and exercise and dietary changes.  It's complicated, and by no means necessarily less expensive than meds unless you're lucky and find something that hits the spot.  I would add passionflower three times daily to your regimen and try the 5-HTP, read the book, and see a naturopath if you really want to do this right.  Good luck.  
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Thanks to you both for your help! I will take this info to heart!
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Research thinking objectively, tea form execise and mindfulness meditation on google let me know if n e of that works hun.
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Mindfulness meditation has never helped me overcome anxiety, but it really rocks spiritually.  I recommend it highly as well for overall body health.  
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Meditation and visualization (may be what you guys are calling mindful meditation) is a daily habit for me.  But....I still need medicine.  When I tried it many years ago without medicine, my system went into overload...left body numerous times.LOL

  Rational emotive therapy got me back on track.  Practice it daily as well.
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