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How to deal with social anxiety

Is hard for me when I get anxious around people any tips on how to control it when I’m with other people. Whithout anyone noticing?
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Play video games that works for me at least but now i get over social anxiety one of my cousins play a lot of video games like me and we become good friends in 1 year i never allowed him to invite some one else to play games after some almost 1.5 years i get over this anxiety and now sometimes i attend parties but not too much but i help me a lot.
Thanks may this comment help you.
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Sounds nice, whish i had more people "family" to play with. Sounds nice
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One thing to think about is how we become what we label ourselves.  Social anxiety isn't really any different than any other phobia or irrational fear that can be a problem, and they are all theoretically dealt with the same way, which is by learning how your thinking is causing you to be anxious, learn some relaxation exercises like abdominal breathing or yoga or meditation, and then you get out there and just do it until it doesn't bother you anymore.  Easy to say, harder to do, but that's how you get over it.  If you're afraid of being around people, get around people, but it helps to first learn some stuff about what you're doing.  A therapist who does CBT can help with this.  If it's a mild case, you can probably do it yourself by focusing on the fact you're only anxious because you think you're going to be anxious or something bad is going to happen, and if you do it enough and nothing terrible happens your brain supposedly stops being bothered by it.  Doesn't work for everyone.  Didn't work for me, though that wasn't my problem, but it does work for many and when it does work the problem is gone.  Give it a try.
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Thank you :) I'll give it a try. Right now I'm searching for a new psiquiatry dr. Since the one i had went to a better place recently.
I recommend a psychologist and therapy, though, don't just rely on the pills.  Peace.
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I understand.  I have a bit of that and my son has a lot.  So, there is full social anxiety in which someone is afraid to even speak around people. Like they refuse to raise their hand if they know the answer because they'd have to talk, they don't like to eat with other people, they live pretty secluded lives.  And there is nervousness around other people.  This is probably more common than you think.  The way I overcame it was that once I had someone make a comment which was "just smile and remember, NO ONE knows anything about you unless you tell them."  So, I realized that unless I let people know, they don't need to know I'm nervous.  I started smiling, greeting people and studied how to be a good listener.  Most OTHER people like to talk.  If you learn how to ask open ended questions and then another question based on what they said, people start to enjoy that.  I became a good listener and could carry on a conversation that allowed the other person to feel really great about themselves as I warmed up.  Looking at the forehead instead of eyes if that is less intimidating.  Read things that are subjects that might come up. My mom always said, know the days headlines.  I use my newsfeed now and read the 'top stories'.  Sometimes not all of it, just the titles and then enough to know what happened.  I'm in the 'know' and can use it in conversation.  Have some conversation starters that you've thought out ahead of time.  and practice.  Every social interaction is PrACTICE.  Do you think you have an anxiety disorder or become nervous?  What is your age, if I may ask?
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I do have anxiaety disorder and take pills for that. Which helps. Now im focusin on how to do things and talk. Thats why i made the questions. I'm 24. I strugle a lot with it.
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