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How to easily fall asleep?

I am a students and due to anxiety and other stuff I can't fell asleep. How and what medicine could be helpful to me. I have problem with felling asleep , no problem of waking up in the night or not getting full 7 or 8 hours of sleep.
I have tried techniques like reading a  book, walking for a while. But that doesn't quite help.
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Try metatone 10mg. You can get it from Sams club, Costco or even Kroger’s. It’s not habit forming. I took it after detoxing off of narco. Although you may not get a full 7 or 8 hours, it helped me get 6 hrs at first anyway. Good luck
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Hi there.  I think too, thinking about what you are doing before you fall to sleep is important.  If you are doing something stimulating like looking at a computer or tablet screen, this can interfere. I make my son decompress. No school work right before bed which is a challenge for him as a busy guy trying to fit it all in.  Are you under stress with exams upcoming or anything like that?  The usual things like cool room, white noise like a fan, dark all help.  Don't eat too much before bed too I hear.  (but I can't go to sleep on an empty stomach). The above may be melatonin?  That's a natural product sold just about everywhere these days that does aid in sleep. It is non addicting and tends to work pretty well.  Let us know how you are doing!
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I have no idea why metatone would help with anything, let alone sleep.  It's got a ton of sugar in it, which isn't he best thing to take before going to bed.  It has a lot of alcohol in it, which might help with sleep but again not the best solution.  It's basically thiamine combined with some mineral salts, and has a lot of sodium in it, again not such a good thing.  It does have one mineral in it that some find helpful for sleep, calcium.  But magnesium is usually better for this especially if combined with the calcium.  I would try some melatonin, as it's one of the safest things out there to take.  About a 1mg dosage is enough.  Too much has been proven to make it not work.  There are other sleep aids you can try as well.  But the best thing is to figure out how to relax your system overall, not just when you're about to go to sleep.  Getting plenty of exercise -- not right before sleeping because that can actually wake you up -- and practicing meditation -- again, not right before bed, that can also wake you up -- might allow you to relax to sleep better.  If I read you right, once you fall asleep, you're getting plenty of sleep, so it's a smallish problem, you just need to find a way to turn it off when it's sleepy time.  Some experimentation will probably get you there.  
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Hi nishanalpah, I do understand really well your problem. When you're thinking too much, it's really tough to fall asleep quickly. Do you have big personnal problems or something? Maybe it can be really stressfull through all your student things. If you're feeling good enough and you just can't fall asleep easily like you would, melatonin is a great choice. I do take this supplement by spray and it's effective. Let me know if you want some information.
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Hi there.  Can you tell us more about the spray?  Is it a nasal spray? I've only seen it by pill.  Thanks for sharing your story!
A liquid spray is just a different way to take something sublingually, which is the best way to take melatonin.  It is easier to get the same dosage every time with a sublingual pill than a spray, as we don't always press as hard each time.  But again, just another way of getting something under the tongue.
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The only intervention that works for me is ingesting CBD/THC.  When I know I am looking, without a doubt, at a terrible night of being wide awake with countless thoughts, worries, and sleeplessness, I go for the THC (Indica) alone.  Effects are fast!  First my  brain STARTS to slow down (non-stop thinking, anxiety, frustration, mental exhaustion) and then total body relaxation.  As I experience the body effect, my raging thoughts are gone "mind turns off" and I just feel sleepy and very comfortable.  It's bliss, I sleep straight through the night (I was rarely able to do before)  and wake up refreshed and I feel rested.  CBD alone helps many people sleep.  Sometimes, I use a combination of CBD:THC.  I experimented until I found what worked for me.  I also have Epilepsy so I get the added benefits/protection (?) of managing my seizures.  
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Hemp oil is magical for anxiety relief! I'm not a fan of THC though..
I wanted to avoid THC and just wanted to stick to CBD.  I needed to add a little THC for the sleep.  It was a 1:1 ratio used to vape, which worked wonderfully.  Sometimes, I need more Indica than what is in the 1:1 vape.  

Can you share with me what kind of Hemp oil you use?  As, in brand and extra ingredients?  I've tried Charlottes Web, and a couple others.
I'm thinking very strongly about trying this.  It's expensive though as insurance doesn't cover it except perhaps for the new drug that got FDA approval for use with a horrible form of epilepsy in children.  But then you need a doctor who will prescribe it, which is hard as long as the federal gov't still considers it as illegal as heroin.  I've read that strains with THC in them for anxiety work better, and I've read they don't.  I stopped using pot many many years ago when I got my anxiety disorder, as it triggered anxiety attacks.  I too am hesitant to try it again, but again, I have read some who believe the CBT derived from the psychoactive form of pot is better than that derived from hemp.  I just don't know.  I've also heard that Charloette's Web is a very reliable source, it's now carried by my local health food store but I'm not sure it's completely legal in my state.  But it is expensive.  
Can you get a medical card for it?  Here in NM you can, as long as your doctor signs off on it.  You are also allowed to grow 4-5 plants; You can also get CBD in pill form, gummies, vaporizers, oil, drinks, lotions, and creams. The list goes on and on.  You just have to play with your dose and find what helps you.  I suggest keeping a journal to help you keep tract of doses/times/effects.  I have a friend who uses it, though it is a different brand.  Her husband tried it to help him sleep, he only used 4 DROPS, it worked but he said he felt groggy the next day, so he will back off on the dose.  

I have one CBD bottle (approximately 35mL) which contains 250mg of CBD Oil. The suggested dose is 25 drops, which comes out to 10mg per full dropper. However, it contains Hept seed oil, grape seed oil, orange oil, proprietary blend 250mg Hemp CBD oil.  I do not care for all the additives, plus it makes me wonder exactly how much CBD I am actually getting.  It does smell and taste like oranges.  This bottle is the only one available near me, so that's why I have stuck with it.  I tried Charlotte's Web a couple of times but I have to order it online and wait for it.  The dispensary nearest me is 20 minutes away, which is cool when I forget to order some.  With my epilepsy, anxiety, and depression, etc., I forget a lot.   The brand  is "That's Natural."

I have one other brand of  CBD.  The brand is "AceCBD."  It comes in a 30mL bottle with 100mg of CBD.  The suggested dose is only 15 drops, which comes out to 3.33 mg per serving.  I take approximately 4-5mg.  It contains Hemp derived CBD extract (emulsified in virgin hempseed oil) that's it!  

My mother's boss gave her 6 bottles!  She passed them on to me.   It has been 3 days since I started taking this brand and I can already feel the effects in focusing, mood, energy, anxiety, etc.  I suffer from insomnia as well (NOT good for an epileptic) and it works like a charm.  The 15 drops was not enough for me so I upped it to 20 drops, 3 times daily.  The only drawback so far is that it tastes terrible.  Both brands are administered sublingual so I can't escape the taste, although I have begun using a "chaser."  

Once I finish the "AceCBD" I am going to go back to Charlette's Web.  Their CBD is extracted from the hemp flower.  Here's a link to their site.

There is another site that is magnificent!  It covers THC and CBD.  This is a must education wise.  
Growing your own plants isn't CBD oil unless you're growing hemp, which is unlikely, that's going to have THC in it as well.  Some claim that it works better to buy strains of THC containing marijuana bred for those with anxiety as it is more psychoactive, but it will get you high and I'm concerned about that as I stopped using it a long long time ago because getting high began to cause me anxiety.  The CBD derived from hemp has almost no THC in it.  As for those additives, grapeseed oil is actually good for you and is being used here most likely as a safe preservative to prevent oxidation.  Orange oil is in there because pure CBD oil is said to taste awful, so some companies add flavorings if you want them to make it more palatable.  Hemp seed oil is in all hemp-derived CBD oil because that's what they're deriving it from.  It's very high in omega 3 fatty acids, the good ones also found in fish oil, as well as good quality protein.  Now, this isn't to say the CBD oil in it is reliable -- again, most of the companies advertising on the web have no viable CBD oil in them at all, they're just selling hemp seed oil, which is very good for you nutritionally but won't help you with anything you want CBD oil for.  This is where the federal prohibition on all hemp products has really put a crimp on us -- before this ban industrial hemp was one of the most valuable agricultural crops in the US and that industry has gone to other countries because of our decision to ban it.  According to historians and political scientists, the ban on it was a racist move to enable throwing more African-Americans in prison, as jazz musicians and intellectuals were using it.  Hemp is used to make rope, clothing, drapery, and a host of very useful products.  The seeds are high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, the ones that protect us from heart disease.  Hemp has little to no THC in it, so it doesn't even get you high, but it was included in the ban on marijuana and again, at the time, this was largely directed at African-Americans.  But this leaves us a bit blind when it comes to CBD products at this time, as you need guidance to know which ones are reliable and which ones aren't.  The FDA has broken with the DEA and recently approved a drug that is basically CBD oil for use for a very virulent form of childhood epilepsy.  I don't know how this was justified or done, as the FDA doesn't generally approve natural products, so I'm guessing this is a pharmaceutical product that might prove to be less safe to use just as synthetic THC is much less safe to use than marijuana.  As for the legal regime, that depends on the state you live in and whether the federal gov't decides to come after this industry or not.  Under the Obama administration the gov't decided not to enforce against medical usage, but under the Trump Administration the gov't has said it will go after states who legalize it.  But that was Jeff Sessions, who is pathologically anti-marijuana because he's a devout racist, so we'll see if whoever ends up as the new permanent attorney general continues this attitude.  In VA, for example, where I live, the legal regime goes into effect next year.  But it's quite restrictive.  Psychiatrists and physicians will have to recommend use, and they will have to pay the state for this power.  There will only be 5 centers, all in unpopulated rural areas far from where us anxiety sufferers live, which will be the only legal places to buy it.  So those of us who want to use it will probably have to continue to get it from illegal sources.  As I say, a local chain of health food stores has decided to carry it, and we'll see what happens, but because they are owned by an extremely idealistic young man I'm guessing he's made sure the source is legitimate.  I am seriously considering trying it, as the drugs that are out there are far more dangerous and hard to use and stop using and haven't fixed my problem, they have made it unfixable.  They did help, though, before I had a problem stopping one of them, and there is a lot more reliable research on them and far more quality control than on CBD oil.  Be careful out there.  
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