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How to get off xanax?

I have a prescription for xanax, .25mg. I break them in half, and take two or three a day. I've been doing this for maybe three weeks only. I tried to stop using them, but after a day symptoms of anxiety return and I'm finding it's not so easy to just stop taking them, even at this low dosage. Anyone gone through this before? I would very much like to stop taking them. I thought I had dealt with most of the anxiety in my life, but I'm still not quite there.
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For many people, anxiety is something we need help 'dealing with'.
Everyone suffers from some type of anxiety at some time or another.  But for some it becomes something we cannot cope with on our own and is a symptom of another ailment.
Look to try to understand the reason your anxiety is effecting your life.
I'm always amazed how people who need tranquilizers or antidepresants are always so much in a rush to get off them.  Yet, if a doctor told you to take high blood pressure pills, or statins, or insulin for the rest of one's life we do it, no questions asked.
It's because we see depression and anxiety as a personal 'weakness' we should have control over and see ourselves as weak because we don't.  We fail to see them, and the ailments that cause them, as illnesses we do not inflict on ourselves.
See your doctor if you trust him/her, take the medicine prescribed for as long as they say  and he'll tell you when to come off.
We know what you're going thru, most of us have been there.
Good luck !
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