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How to get off zanax

I have been taking zanax .5 mg- 2-3 tabs at night for well over a year.  I have got to get off them and get my life back.  Can I do this at home on my own?  If I wean down to one a night and then go every other night for a while- will that do it?  I really need help with this. Thank You    IMPK
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Please go to the MedHelp group whose link I have included. It is moderated by Ryan who will give you the answer you are seeking.
You will feel much better after talking with him, I promise!

Link to Psychopharmacology group:
The url is: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Psychopharmacology/show/701
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Hey, i was on Zanax...1 mg 2x a day for around 5 months....and i'll be honest...this medication is extremely addicted....ive never had such a hard  time getting off a med as i did with this one. My advice is to talk to your doctor...set up some type of shedule to wean off of this stuff...regular checkups, prob around once a month for 4 months i would say...(thats what i did with mine)...and i came off of it fine. I was really shakey in the first week though  and had a extreme issue with falling asleep...the doc should be able to substitute something for you to take to help with the withdrawal symtoms...you should be ok though!!
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I am having trouble negotiating around on this website.  They said to click on post a question , but I can't find that.  I need to know how to taper off and quit zanax.  I take .5 mg 2-3 tablets nightly for sleep-  I have been taking them for over a year-  I need to know exactly how to taper off.  I have talked to my doctor once before about it-  she will help me if I need her- but I would like to try this on my own.  I have already tried substituting tylenlo pm for zanax for 2 nights in a row and immediatly started having withdrawal symptoms.  very nervous and jittery at work the next day.  startled easily- weird feeling.  Will take any help I can get-  I need to get my life back and quit sleeping my life away.  thanks.  IMPK
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Just click on this link and it will take you to the one person who can really help you.

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When you click on it, a box will pop up.............hit "open" and you'll be there
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