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How to take Klonopin

Hello everyone I am new here.  I have social anxiety and general anxiety.  My doc. has me on Klonopin 1mg twice a day.  How should I take it?  Right now I am taking it 1mg in the morning and 1mg at bedtime.  Should I take 1mg in the morning .5mg in the afternoon and .5mg at bedtime?  I don't know????? I am also on Wellbutrin SR 150mg a day, Inderal 40mg twice a day and Elavil 25mg a day.  I can't talk to my doc. about it because he is out of town for a while so I will ask you guys.  Any advice would really help.  Thanks for reading my post.

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sorry angel13 i really dont know to much about medication, but someone well come along with great knowledge on these meds. Good luck!!
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Klonopin is the type of medication that stays in the body for a long time so it isn't necessary to "refresh" it...if your doctor said to take it in the morning and then at night, I would stick to that ritual until your doctor comes back and you can discuss it with him.  .5 dosage in the a.m. may not be enough dosage for you to "kick off" the day....best to you.
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You need to talk to a pharmacist.  I imagine s/he'll say "twice a day" means morning and evening, not a half dose to half does to full dose.  Klonopin is a long-acting benzodiazepine and I think you'd do just as well to take it when you get up and an hour or two after you get home from work.  Roughly every 12 hours.  Try to take it at the same times every day if possible.

I'm on .5 mg Klonopin bid, which means twice a day.  I take it in the morning as I leave for work and again at 8 o'clock at night (when I remember to -- haha).

But your pharmacist is qualified to answer the question about dosing and also about those other drugs you mention.

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ask dr. gould in the mental health forum.  eventhough he'll probably give you some generic response and tell you to talk to your doc.  at least it's free. :o)
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Thanks everyone....I know I take a lot of meds.  but everyone of them actually have a purpose.  Wellbutrin for depression (all the other antidepression meds. made me gain weight)  As for the Inderal it works great for my pulse which is out of control a lot.  140 when I go to the doc.  and it also helps my heart not pounding so bad it feels like it is going to jump out and it really helps my hand shaking.  It along with klonopin has really been a blessing to me.  I am on Elavil for actually two reasons.  I have a bladder diaseas and elvail keeps it under control and to help me sleep.  I really do appreciate all your support.   Sometimes I just like to get other people's opions.  Thanks again.....By the way I am not a good speller so I know there are some misspelled words.  Where's the spell check?

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I was on 1ng for 15 years,  then finally tapered down to. 5 mg oncd per day.

Looking up the side effects, I  tried to stop.

After sister of holistic medication, I  am down to ..25mg and 750mg of GABA which is an amino acid and natural. Please try it. Goggle the information.

Benzodiazepines such as Clonazepam increase GABA in our brain,  so it made sense for ne to try it.


I take  750mg off GABA at bed time,  and clonazepam when I awake.  I've noticed t that I don't need to take the clonazepam immediately anymore,  but I take it about am hour before leaving home.  I also take my prescription with me.

Also,  please look up the side effects of Clonazepam.

I wish you the BEST of HEALTH.

Benzos don't actually make more GABA.  They do make it work differently so it intensifies its action.  Taking GABA as a supplement is usually ineffective, as it doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier.  If you want to increase GABA naturally, you take the pseudo-amino acid taurine plus make sure you have adequate B6 and Vitamin C, which is what the body uses to make GABA.  But if you're taking a benzo, you don't really want to do that, as you might over do it.  These are things you do instead of taking a benzo to see if it works.
Now, if you really really know what you're doing, and you take these things far apart in time from one another, you can get away with it, but it's not something to recommend to everyone.  And again, very little GABA is likely getting into your system from your supplement for the reasons mentioned.  Might be a good placebo, though, and we all love a good placebo -- no side effects.
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