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Hyperactive brain

I am a 23 year old female. I have always been a bit hyperactive at times but found that I more frequently become like that. It is like I have 10 conversations in my head and I have to focus on all of them but it is impossible. Then i get really worked up and frustrated because i cant concentrate and the only way to calm my brain now is if i try to block everything out. But this usually take about ten minutes before i can focus again. Does anyone have any advice for me? It happens at least once a day and usually when i am busy working on projects. I't like i Am trapped in my brain. Does anyone know the feeling? Are there any over the counter medication to help my focus my thoughts or do I have bigger problems?

Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance!
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In my humble and non-medical opinion, I think you MAY have bigger problems, but problems that can either be cured or controlled. You say you've always been a bit hyperactive and I'm just wondering as you enter adulthood if you may have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Please note that there are absolutely no letters after my name!
I think there might be a forum for that around here somewhere.........if there is, check it out.
If this "condition" is affecting your life or your job it's definitely time to see a doctor, which I think I would do anyway just because it's causing you some anxiety.
I seriously doubt there is any OTC med that would help and I strongly suggest not experimenting with anything until you have a firm diagnosis.
And if the thought of having AADD freaked you out, I know several adults with it and with medication they are absolutely fine.........happy and  healthy and very CALM.
Best of luck
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