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Hypochondria = Anxiety = Depression

I really though, or hoped, that I had things under control - now it seems like I'm back to where I was a year ago.  Every ache and pain is "something" and my thoughts about what it could be are becoming more frequent and more dramatic.  It causes anxiety attacks and a paralyzing panic that I HATE!!  I'm on the verge of tears so often...I feel like I'm going to lose my mind every day.  I'm trying to stick with my gym routine hoping that the chemical flow that it produces will help me feel more positive but I don't know if it's helping.  I don't know how to change my thinking --- it overwhelms me!!   My husband encourages me to focus on my good health, to think about the longevity in my family; but when I'm in the throws of negative, anxious, unrealistic thinking it's difficult to do.  I've tried therapy - I felt like the therapist didn't really know how to help me.  I'm taking citalopram (generic Celexa) and I thought it was helping, but lately I don't think so.  My problem recently is this pain I keep getting in the right side of my head - kinda like a stabbing only lasts for a couple minutes also a strange pain like I've had in my sinuses where it feels like a bubble is pushing through or something; then it leaves an odd sort of bruised or swollen feeling... It's freaking me out!!!  It's not constant or even every day but it's definitely affecting my anxiety level which is OVER THE TOP EVERY DAY!  Any input or similar feelings/experiences would be appreciated...
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Your husband is a great guy for offering you positive ways to try and cope with this instead of telling you it's all in your head or your crazy. Give him some brownie points for that.

In my humble and non-medical opinion, I would strongly suggest another visit to your doctor to discuss these new and anxiety provoking symptoms. He/she may want to refer you to a neurologist to assess the stabbing head pains and an EENT to find the cause of your sinues issue.

You don't say how long you've been on the citalopram, but it may not have rreached therapeutic levels yet. You may just need to give it some more time or it may not be working for you. (This is very common and some of us need to try several meds before finding one that works for us) Something else to discuss with the doctor.

I am a total advocate for therapy. I know without a doubt, that I would not be here today were it not for various therapists I've had over the years.
But like medications, we often have to try several before we find the one that works for us.
You obviously didn't have much confidence in the therapist you did see. That right there will kill any chance of progress. If you don't like your therapist, if you don't trust them or have confidence in them, therapy will not work.
Most of us know after one or two visits if we like the person who is trying to help us. Trust can take longer and at some point in your search for a therapist, you have to give that time to grow.
Never, ever be embarrassed to tell a therapist that you're not comfortable with them. They don't take it personally. They are trained to understand that they aren't everybodies cup of tea. Most will be happy to recommend someone else to you.
You can call a physicians hot line and inquire about therapist who deal with anxiety, panic and depression and are knowledgable of the medications that are used for the treatment of these issues.

Medications are wonderful tools to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety or depression, but they only mask the symptoms, they don't cure the root cause of what's underneath those symptoms. Meds can be a tremendous adjunct to therapy. They can calm you down or get you out of the fog so the work of therapy is easier if you're not also fighting all those negative symptoms.

Make an appointment with your doctor for a talk and make sure he/she understands how you're REALLY feeling. So many of us, for some stupid reason, don't always spill all the beans to our doctors. Pretty crazy, eh? Why bother going then? (I'm very guilty of this!)

Let us know how you're doing, OK?
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Hi...I want you to know I feel veyr very similar to you, so you arent alone! Especially with the therapy thing...no one seemed to get me and they just didnt know what to do with me.  But keep going to the gym, working out is proven to help anxiety/depression.
Gym, healthy eating, chamomile tea, meditation, deep breathing, and finding a hobby are some ways to naturally cope with anxiety/depression.  Finding a hobby is good becuase it gives yourself something to look forward to, helps you set goals, and makes you feel good about yourself when you achieve them.  Whether it be photography, painting, learning an instrument, learning a new language (I just started learning Arabic and its difficult but it helps me set goals and I feel AWESOME when I achieve them), wood carving, welding, cooking, ect...theres a lot out there.
I am a hypochondriac too and pretty much what I did is flat out told my doctor that I am.  I pretty much have my doctor on speed dial if something goes wrong and normally they can talk me out of thinking I have some rare medical condition.
I think you should keep trying with therapy...there are a TON of therapists out there...theres bound to be someone who can help you.  Good luck!
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Hi, I myself have the same problem I suffer with depression and anxiety which effects me daily. I was also on citalopram and foundit it wasn't working for me. I have now changed to propranolol which isnt making things worse but also isn't making things better. Im limited to the amount of ones I can take due to my asthma which doesn't help things. I have found though that going for walks helps me in quiet peaceful areas. It gives my brain some time to calm down, but I never do this on my own. I think it's important to have someone you trust and feel comfortable with you.
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