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Hypochondria or is something wrong?

For the third night in a row I have woken up way before time to get up due to stress and hypochondria. I wake up with a fear that something is wrong and no one will know because they are all asleep. And for 2 nights in a row I've gotten this cold feeling in my chest. Tonight I noticed it happened after I drank some water I leave next to the bed. But it could just be a coincidence. I also suffer from acid reflux. Could this be a cause? I'm just in need of a full nights sleep and lack of sleep probably doesn't help the anxiety. Does anyone have any advice or had similar situation?
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Hi.  Sorry you are having this sleep difficulty.  Waking up anxious is not uncommon when stressed, worried or suffering true anxiety.  Are you worried about anything right now?  I can't tell you that your health is fine---  perhaps a physical would alleviate your worry about that.  Most likely though, it is.  And when we are hyper focused on it, we can feel all sorts of things like a cold chest.  Try some deep breathing, breath in for four, out for four and hold two.  Repeat.  This really helps.  Focus on the breathing.  Try some visualization as well---  basically thinking happy thoughts. I think of a vacation house I'd love to go to on the beach (no plan to really go there, LOL)  I don't know if you are male or female but I have this cyclically related to my hormones and cycle.  It's a pain.  Talk to your doctor if this persists, okay?  Oh, and eat well, get exercise. This helps.  good luck
Female, 22 years old. It all started when I took Zoloft (my doctor prescribed it Friday, I took it Sunday and I didn't react well to it. Insomnia, anxiety more intense) I haven't taken it since Sunday but ever since, my anxiety has sky rocketed and I haven't been able to sleep well. I'm going to see my doctor again. But I'm sitting in class now and my throat/chest still has the cold sensation off and on. I can't focus and I just want to go home.
I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and OCD when I was 23, I had never wanted to take medication but after the birth of my daughter at 30, I had too. I was started on Zoloft and it takes at least two weeks for the anxiety to stop,but after that I was much better, although it did make me tired.Now I take paxil, and I like it much better for me.Anytime you start taking any of these anti-depressants, your anxiety always seems worse AT FIRST, but if you can stick with it, it will get better!
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