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Hypochondriasis/Health Anxiety

I need help in finding a good professional to treat my husband. He went to a bar about 4 years ago and kissed a stripper in the mouth. Ever since he has followed all the regular protocol for HIV and other STD testings. In addition, he has taken approximately 100-150 HIV tests, with Oral Quick, blood and other.  Because his gallbladder was removed 3 years ago he experiences the discomforts that follow this procedure.  These include: occasional diarreas and other stomach problems. He has seen about 12 different doctors, from family practice to internal medicine, to frequent visits to the ER.  He has asked all of them to test him for HIV.  He of course browses the internet constantly particularly this website and reads all of the HIV forums. He firmly believes he has the virus, but it's just dormant or undetectable right now. Every little body feeling he has he attributes it to HIV, and because HIV symptoms vary so much it is difficult to convince him otherwise.  He also believes is somekind of cancer, but all of the doctors don't seem to find any serious illness with him.  He cries constantly and is deppressed all the time.  His conversations revolve around HIV, he thrives when talking about it.  He knows a lot about red/white blood cell count, seroconversion, and also several diseases i have never heard before. I don't know if he needs a psychiatrist or a psychologist.  I'm losing my patience because he wants me to get tested as much as he does. I've done it about 5 times in the last 4 years. Some doctor told him that to be completely sure, he had to wait 5 years, so that means i have to wait one more year. He is totally anoying with the doctors, questioning their expertise. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and I need to find an expert on this matter. He saw one psychiatrist and he gave him something like prozac or seroquel, but no "talking therapy". He needs someone who knows about these obsessions and also know about HIV.  I don't know how to help him.
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Your husband did see one Psychiatrist. Sometimes you have to see several before you find one you click with. Can you do some research to find one in your area that deals with phobias and OCD? You can google Psychiatrists in your area and it should tell you what they specialize in.
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Tell him you can't get HIV from kissing. He needs talking therapy...it helps more than meds. There isn't much you can do to help him. He has to do it himself....it sounds like guilt is causing him to have an unreasonable fear. Also stress can cause health problems, he needs to forgive himself and move on.
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Thank you for your advice, yes we're looking into a different psychiatrists. He has his moments, but it's very difficult to get him out by myself.
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