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I always think I'm dying! !

So I always think I'm dying! does anyone else have this problem>? and if so, hoe do you overcome it?
I was on zoloft and ativan for 2 years (loved the ativan) but now I'm on nothing.. can't afford the doctor!! so how do you convince yourself your not dying?? any responce would help, just put my mind at ease please!! I don't want to be alone!!
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First of all you are NOT alone hun.

I myself have what we call "health anxiety". I'm always thinking any little thing thats wrong with me means I'm dying. I have been to the doc so many time for this they know my car when it pulls up outside. Right now for example, my allergies are bothering me, and I'm having this weird breathing thing going on. So my anxiety is through the roof and of course the "what if I'm dying" comes to mind.

I'm still trying to figure this beast out myself, so I might not be much help to you, but please, know you aren't alone, and you aren't dying.

A couple suggestions, although very basic are these. Try to focus on something else. Do you have kids? Do something with them. I know its tough but go outside, get some fresh air. I also drink chamomile tea in the evenings if I'm having anxiety and it helps calm me down to sleep.

Good luck,

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i too am having breathing problems due from allergies.. but even though i know this i think i could have lung cancer or some other unknown problem.. it's like i know in my head im fine but at the same time i can't shut my brain off from thinking that there is something wrong with me?? I hate it..
I went to the ER and called EMTs for years. Yes, it seems you're going to die soon if not in the next couple of minutes. The alarm brings on extra terrible feelings. It is NOT all in your had, but you alone will find what helps you be more at ease. Watch caffeine intake and drink more water to keep reflux issues down. Keep an ice pack handy to put on your chest when you feel the impending anxiety and possible breathing problems. Good luck. You will get through this, but I'll be the first to admit that it is NOT easy.
Hi, Im 13 years old and I've  been dealing with this for at least 2 years now. I know how you feel, I always tell myself that Im not dying and I got a long life to live, but its just not working, this always happens when It gets night time, but I dont know why Ive been getting these anxiety attacks. I used to be totally fine, but once I got a panic attack for the first time. I never felt the same since. I just need help, I dont want to feel this way.
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I too am always dying, I've been dying for four months despite the fact that I have had every medical test known to medical science say that there is nothing physically wrong with me. I constantly seek reassurance from anyone that will listen 'Are you sure I'm not dying', 'What if they have missed something' etc etc. Logically I know that it must be anxiety but it doesn't make the pain go away.

This health anxiety has completely ruined the last four months of my life and all i think about is dying. Crystal is right, the only thing that has helped me is to push myself to do things and try and lead a normal life.

I am pretty sure that you are not dying but its hard to believe that for yourself. Stick around on this forum and check out people's journals, you will see that you are not alone and that there are so many like us out there.
Good luck
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Thank you.. it does make me feel better to know that i am not alone.. the people around me just don't get it.. they tell me it's all in your head.. well to a point i know that already, but i can't control how i think.. im so glad i found this forum..
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I know, trust me I know.

I get so mad sometimes I yell at myself in the mirror to knock it off lol (ya anxiety will do that to ya)

I couldnt sleep much last night because of the breathing issue. But of course as soon as I was too tired to fight it anymore I fell right asleep and slept just fine. What frustrates me is my symptoms will change. After a few months of the fast heartbeats and chest pains I convince myself I am fine and it goes away. But it that it? Nope of course not. Now something new has to come along and ruin my day, ugh....I know I hate this too

Hang in there

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It is all "in your head". But people that don't have it..won't get it. It's hard , but just remember that, and don't waste your time trying to explain it to them either lol....I learned my lesson real fast with that one.
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