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I am NOT anorexic !!

Two days ago I saw my shrink about my anxiety and to get my meds (Clonipin) but he was SO focused on my weight that I didn't get to address anything else. On their scale I was 96.4 lbs. and I am 5'4". He went on about how I was "malnourished" and my BMI was dangerously low! I told h  I do NOT try to lose weight but it's just too hot here in Fla. (96 deg.) and I have no appetite since I had to quit pot. He wants me to go to the Medical Marijuana clinic that just opened but my insurance won't cover it! I go to a pain clinic for various chronic pains and they test me when I go in and I can't have THC in my test! They just started this 3 months ago. Before that they didn't test for THC. I WANT to eat but have no appetite. Any suggestions?? ChannahBracha
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First of all, some people are just thin, but if you're strong and have plenty of energy, then it isn't unhealthy.  That is thin for that height.  But then you say you don't eat because you're not hungry because it's hot.  Well, it's hot all over, but it doesn't stop people from having an appetite.  If you smoked pot for a long time it might be you're having a hard time enjoying things without being stoned, including food.  It takes a while after you stop to realize you can get access to all those intense feelings you go while being high because you've learned you can access those feelings without needing to be stoned to do it.  I don't know, but having quit myself many years ago, and I don't think I ever relied on it as much as you did but still, certain things just took some time to enjoy again, such as movies and music and sex.  But I did figure it out, and you will too.  But if you want to eat but say you can't, maybe it's not technically anorexia but it is a mental block you have to get past so you can get the nutrients you need to be healthy and stay healthy.  If you want to eat, the only thing stopping you is you, so why is it do you think you really don't eat, and don't blame it on the heat, it's hot everywhere.
I have had a problem with eating and nausea(inner ear) for YEARS! I smoked pot to help with those. You don't understand what it's like to WANT to eat but have no appetite and you have to force feed yourself. My shrink wants me to get medical Marijuana to help but the clinic appt. costs $299 !I can't afford that. My Mother and Father were equally thin as I am. So, it's not my stubbornness keeping me from eating and I really don't appreciate you blaming my psychi !! It's been 6 mos. since I smoked pot and I don't miss it. The smoke is bad for me. I do NOT have a "mental block". Why would I unless I was Anorexic.? THOSE people have mental blocks. Not me!
Anorexia isn't the only mental block associated with eating.  Some are pretty benign -- my brother eats very few foods because all his life he won't eat things that look odd to him.  He won't even eat Pizza because of it.  That's one mental block.  But in your case, you've given a reason I didn't understand -- apparently you've been diagnosed with an inner ear disorder that is incurable, has no treatment whatsover (meaning you've tried drugs like antivert and dramamine, herbs like ginger, etc., and have seen all the best experts who have all decided you're nauseous and will be forever because of this inner ear disorder that is, again, incurable.). So if medical marijuana is your only option, I'm confused still -- $299 is a lot cheaper than buying pot but you were apparently able to get all the pot you needed but can't afford a one-time fee of $299 and your parents won't pay for it.  Do we have that right?  Tell us how we can help, hopefully someone else on here will have a better idea for you.  Peace.
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