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I can never relax

I wanted to ask this question on here, because it's a major one for me.. No matter how exhausted I am, I always feel like majorly on edge, like I can't just stop shaking my legs or turn off my thoughts to relax for a few minutes, I am not stressed ( well maybe a little because of work) but certainly nothing serious.. but I always feel like I can't calm down. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder, i'm constantly feeling like " hey you need to run for as long as possible, until you get tired " I do exercise but even after i've released all those toxins and stress, I still feel worked up and like I can't calm down. Even now as I type this I am shaking my legs. I am considering going home and taking a xanax to take the edge off a bit.
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I'm a leg shaker from way back.  Sometimes I think it's like a baby who rocks himself back and forth in a crib, to release energy and fall asleep.  I used to call the feeling tired and wired.  I just accept the foot and leg movement and take klonopin and Celexa for the actual anxiety.
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I am in this same boat my body and brain never stop.  NOW I am having pvc and pac on top of it making me even more nuts.  My doctor put me on acebutolol and xanax.  I just hate to have to take meds for this stuff.  I read constantly just to be doing something.  Its a tough road
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Hey add me on that boat ride. Just yesterday I felt the same thing. Thoughts running through my head like crazy, plus my body felt like it was trimbling, a nervous feeling like. I guess thats all part of it.
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It sounds like your mind, like anyone else's, wants to stay busy. That's what you're brain is wired to do. Try to sit and NOT think of anything...impossible right?

I would suggest you try to focus your attention on the present. Force yourself to focus on what is going on here and now, since that's all that is real, the present. There are meditation exercises that can really help you with stay focused on the present and unclutter your mind. It takes work, but if you catch yourself feeling edgy or like your mind is looking for a playground, find something to focus on that will keep you locked into the present moment. Concentrate on something to keep you grounded. Find yourself a quiet place to sit without distractions and even if it's just for a few minutes, focus on objects in the room or even something as simple as your breathing.
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