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I can't tell anyone

I looked up symptoms of anxiety and I've known for a pretty long time now that I have it. I am a very vigilant person who is very aware of their surroundings, and so I try very hard to cover my anxiety up around people I don't know. However, when it comes to going out with friends or going to town or something, I get so anxious. I just feel like something bad is going to happen, or I am going to see people that I am scared of. I get scared very easily, and embarrassed very easily. Every morning I tell myself to be more confident and don't waste the day but I get so anxious about going out I never do, and I really don't want to waste my life doing this. I am VERY sensitive and take everything to heart.

BUT, I can't tell anyone. I am 14, and my family have had psychological issue's before... so idk if its as serious, but something like that is a very sensitive topic. No way I will bring this up with my parents because I am scared of what they will say, I don't want them to know me like this.

I have great friends that I love loads and a wonderful family, and I do manage to cover up my problems and only like 3 friends know about my kinda 'true nature' of me being nervous about everything. I just want it to stop!! I live in the UK, what can I do?

please help :'( xx
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Hi.  I'm sorry you are enduring this at such a young age!  Due to your age, you really need to speak with your parents or at least your mom.  Since they are familiar with psychological problems I would think they would be very concerned for your well being, and understanding. Know you're not alone, we hear from a lot of teens your age. Often our anxiety has a root cause, something traumatic that happened in our past that we never really dealt with and have forgotten.  This is where therapy can help you. A therapist can determine if your's has a root cause, discover what it is and deal with it.  It also teaches us to think differently and in a more positive way.  You sound very level headed for your age and have done a good job of handling your anxiety.  But you don't have to live like this, there is so much help for you.  Getting control of this now is important, so you can look forward to an anxiety free life!  Your parents love you and would want to know about this, you need to give them a chance to help you.  They may surprise you!  If they refuse, go to your school counselor and have him/her talk to them, once they realize that this is real and you are hurting, they'll have a whole new attitude.  No matter what they say, it all comes down to your well-being, and they will stop at nothing in order for you to be happy.  If need be, put it in a letter to them, it appears that when we read something we truly hear what is being said.  Stay strong, and I wish you all the best.
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I understand what you mean when you say you dont want to tell your parents and stuff...im 17 and i felt the same way.  But honestly, you need to.  Do it for yourself...becuase if you let this be for a while it will just get worse and worse.  You need to talk to someone because bottling it up will make it so much worse!
Your only 14...your so young and have soooo much to look foward to...dont let this anxiety get to you! If you seek out a therapist...they can talk with you and help build you back up to the happy and healthy person you can be.
When I told my mom I need help...I was super embarrassed at first.  But then when I saw she was super supportive towards it I felt more comfortable and i couldnt be happier that i sought out help when I did.  Trust me...you need to do this for yourself!
Good luck...remember to keep strong! You will get through this!
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