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I dont believe in Psychology anymore

First of all, I deal with Anxiety just about every day, either mental, or physical.
And I dont want this to sound like a rant, or Conspiricy theroy, etc, but I do want everyone to hear me out.

Im sick of hearing about all of us getting the same remarks from Doctors "its anxiety..its depression..etc"
Sounds to me like they partied to much in Med school and use the whole "mental health" thing to make themselfs look smarter..or like they have the answer.

Or I hate how Phyzer, and the rest of the drug company's market diseases to both the client "us" and to the pusher "the Docs"
I truely feel inside that these people know what it is......but they dont want us to know because they want a customer for life.
For instance.
The Parasite Toxoplasmosis "mainly from cats" its being proven to cause Schizophrenia in other countries, and yes there is a cure to Kill this parasite, but why would the Drug Cos want this known?..Then they wouldnt have the lifetime customers anymore after the treatment and recovery time.
The Drug Haldol has been proven to kill the Parasite "not the egg"..what a coincidence that the very same drug that "works" for Skitzo. also kills the same Parasite......makes me wonder.

How many of you found yourselfs in this situation
You go to your Doc....for the million and 1 times.....you explain that you want a certain test...they look at you like......"what the h3ll are you talking about?"
Ive found atleast 50% of the time I know more then the Damn doctor.......??????
But then they tell you your paranoid....or its the anxiety pretend like there doing the test..when there just doing a basic blood test, and mock you because your smarter then them.
I had a Doctor once not even know that Chantax and Wellbutrin was the same damn drug "Bupropion" which inhibits the D2 "Dopamine" receptors.
They acted like they didnt even know what Dopamine was....

Theres a reason why all of our "symptoms" are the same
What about when you have the physical symptoms without the mental???????
or whats even scarier is this
"The exact way that the medicine works is UNKNOWN, but its thought to....."

WHAT IS THAT? They can market and prescribe something that THEY THEMSELFS dont even know how it works?
They work on a THEROY, and THEROYS change ALLOT.
And, while this is my theroy, atleast mine steps towards the end of the problem and not just a BAND AID!
They have NO TEST for any of the so called chemical inbalance, so how do they know?
Why is it that we now have more school shootings, and violent crimes compared to 30 years ago?
O thats right, the kids in the school are either on one of these meds....or just coming off them.
Im no longer calling them MEDS either, there now called DRUGS in my book.
But then they say things like Marijuana is dangerous, etc "I dont use myself" but is it more safe then there DRUGS?
I could go on and on, but Ill stop before This looks like to much of a rant.
But I leave this for you to ponder.
They can send a man to the moon, a Camera that catches up with the speed of light, Computers built into a cell phones, BUT THEY CANT FIND A SIMPLE CURE FOR MENTAL HEALTH?
I expect more from my health care then this, I geuss when moneys not involved, maybe then we will se a cure, until then, I'll cure myself
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i feel your pain, trust me. i'm going thru the same knowing more than the doctor right now. i think they sometimes just let us think we know more than them but why aren't they sharing any really helpful info?! like you said, to keep us as customers. i have uncontrolable anxiety, bipolar, and adhd along with joint and back pain and i think we just have to find the right doctors. not all are the same, some are quacks and some are very helpful. i'm in the quack stage i think and am hunting for other options but it's hard when your insurance only gives you a short list. choose the lesser of the evils but look around. there has to be someone to help us. self help books are an option plus educate us more on our disorders giving us ammunition to throw at any doc we see, at least we've done our homework! i suggest you read up on your disorder then find another doc. you can talk to them a little sometimes before you schedule an appointment to kinda interview them. but change doctors to one more educated in your line of disorders. good luck velvetvenus
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I'm sorry to hear you've lost a lot of faith in the health care system, it isn't uncommon, especially when dealing with chronic problems like anxiety and depression.

I wanted to make a few comments...and this is from my LIFETIME of experiences with anxiety, panic disorder and depression, but also my experience as a nurse in the medical field.


First, this statement alone...do you realize how many ailments there are out there for which there is no CURE?  Heck, the common cold has no cure.  But a "cure" isn't the same thing as a "treatment"...and like any illness, there are a lot of "treatments" available...for the common cold...AND for mental illnesses.

The problem most times is about finding the right one for each individual person.  What works for Jane Doe won't work for John Doe.  This is why it is SO important to keep searching, and keep trying.  Doctors only know as much as YOU can tell them, especially when it comes to an emotional illness.  Then, they use a set of criteria to come up with a "diagnosis" and go from there.  It isn't something they can look at and touch...which of course poses more challenges.

MY advice is always for people with chronic depression, anxiety, etc...to seek care from a psychiatrist, not a PCP, who will be better equipped to treat you.  They are MUCH more versed on the meds.....the combination of meds....and they have a lot more first hand knowledge in treating these disorders.  This is not to say that a lot of PCP's do not do a fine job of treating mental illness...but my money is still on the "pro".  If my car needs major transmission work...I'm not going to take it to Pep Boys...I'm going to take it to a transmission joint, like Aamco.  Right?

Once you find a p-doc who you mesh with and you feel that he/she understands you...and is willing to spend time with you...then give it your all.  You may try some meds, or combo of meds that don't do anything...that isn't uncommon...but FIRST, give it a fair shake.  Don't "give up" after a week.  These meds need a good 6+ weeks to TRULY see if they are going to be effective.  Then, insist on concurrent "talk" therapy.  Meds are great...but if you don't get to the deep rooted issues that so many of us have...or in the least, have someone to officially "vent" to...and someone to help you with coping mechanisms, and learning how to deal with LIFE, then popping a pill every day truly may be pointless for a lot of people.  It is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound.

Lastly...remember that these problems don't get better overnight.  When we are feeling anxious, or depressed, there is nothing we would want more than for that to be the case, but it isn't.  It takes TIME, and it takes WORK.  Work on OUR part.  A doctor can prescribe a pill for hypertension, and it may HELP, but until that patient drops that extra 50 lbs, stops smoking, and starts getting active....that pill's effectiveness will always be limited.

Therefore....don't give up the good fight.  If you HATE your doc or your therapist, get a new one.  Some people have to go thru several before they find the "right" one.  It is frustrating to have to deal with this day in and day out...trust me, I know...but my main point here is we cannot put everything into the lap of the medical doctor, or the therapist who we go to to "fix" us, when a lot of times, if we are honest with ourselves....how much work did WE do to help ourselves?

When you find that right medical professional...keep the lines of communication OPEN.  They don't know of a problem if you don't tell them.  And, telling them 2 months after the problem starts isn't going to be very helpful for you.

Hang in there and again...keep fighting the good fight.  It's WELL worth it.  There are TONS of people living with this every day...you're far from alone.  But, there are also a lot of people out there who have overcome.  Do you RID yourself of these issues forever?  Usually not.  But, if you are well equipped and educated on how to cope, and how to handle it...you can certainly get through daily life with a lot more ease!

Best of luck, and hang in there!
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I agree in 100%%%%%%%%%%%%. I was a victim of the doctor from main Chicago  University hospital who after 7 years of my anxiety and depression, misdiagnosed me with Bipolar II!!!!!!!! I was o 6 meds for 3 years I don't remember those years since my side effects were so bad. I finally fired him and now I take .5mg of klonopin and 2.5 of Lex a day. I still did not recover from all of this meds. My anxiety is still nut under control but I am getting there!!!. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN PSYCH DOCS, 99% of them either dont know what are they doing or wants a client for life. I know there is a cure for our suffering but they don't want to tell us.....because pharma companies would loose bilions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Exactly No excuses
Nurse, THERE IS A CURE FOR THE COMMON COLD, also, there is a cure for aids, Hep a, c etc... theres so many cures out there that the FDA  doesnt aprove because half of there money comes from Big Pharms, and if the cure was let out...then there funding would stop........think about it.
Dont get me wrong, Im not in terrible condition..anymore, I just keep reading sad stories, of how these people keep getting screwed and made into a addict.
No, I have no faith in the Health care system, You should try reading a few books, like "cures they dont want you to know about" or "cures for everything"
Or better yet, on Physc meds..go to CCHR.ORG
I whole heartly believe the healthcare system is HIGHLY FLAWED!

"O, you got a stomach ache? Take this pill, O, and by the way Side effects include Blurred vision, bleeding of the eyes, cancer, lymphoma, Constipation, tremors, loss of breath, loss of vision..and probably death..but not a good one...a miserable one"
And they LOVE THE SIDE EFFECTS because then it tricks people into "needing" another DRUG to take care of the side effects....THEN ANOTHER for the DRUG your taking to take care of the side effects from the previous one"

Making a LIFE LONG CUSTOMER, theres no cures with the health system, just band aids that need stitches from the side effects.

Its funny how many DEATHS these DRUGS CAUSE, but yet there still here?
Id rather see some people on HERION then some of these DANGEROUS PHARM DRUGS!
O, Im fighting my fight, with a parasite cleanse, and what would ya know......FEELING BETTER, but tell that to the FDA and they'll call it placebo.

O, could you tell me where they've proven that Seratonin, And Norepinephrine are the cause of mental Disorders?
Cause Ive yet to find any FACTS, nothing but a bunch of theroys.
And out of all the theroys, I tend to lead to a promising theroy of CURE not BAND AID
My beliefs is that its all some sort of parasite, and the FDA Hides the FACTS to keep there FRONT MAN with FAT POCKETS.

I dont go to a drug pusher, they can keep there ****, because thats what there full of.
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Look I well understand your concerns. I used to feel that way myself. I'd say as a person with advanced tardive dyskinesia (as well as three variants of it under clinical study in me, so people prefer I confine them to my journal entries) I would of course be upset. But I have also made a full recovery from schizoaffective disorder with an experimental antipsychotic in study (for more information google "Dr. Javitt, glycine", my case study will be published in a psychiatric journal) that promotes a fuller recovery and has been proven not to cause tardive dyskinesia or diabetes or many side effects of current antipsychotics. This class of antipsychotics, glutamate antagonists is also being studied for anxiety (for more information on all new medications in development google "psychmeds123"). I approach psychiatrists (and all providers) as an equal partner in recovery. I have far more success with obtaining medications that they might not have considered otherwise and being treated with respect. I can't post links to clinical studies or who I have been in touch with but pm me if you want more information or feel free to read through my journal entries which my provider approves and the study information will clinically verified.
  As for some standard advice, anxiety and depression are part of life's issues also and everyday stressors can make clinical depression and anxiety worse. That's what a talk therapist (or for some people a cognitive behavioral therapist as well) is for. Medication is treatment but its not there to solve life's problems. Speak to your psychiatrist if you feel your medication isn't working out but if they are real issues explain why they are and talk them over.
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I hate that Conspiracy Theory mentality.........are you kidding, that you think there is a cure for Aid and Hep C, but the FDA won't approve it because of the money the drug companies would lose??? The reality is that meds DO help some people, often times people don't give these meds enough time to work before they make judgments on their Dr's.

There are many people within this Anxiety community that thank their lucky star everyday that they are being treated with meds, otherwise, life would become hopeless. I for one, appreciate all of the efforts that my Dr. makes to be sure that I am treated with the proper doses, and I am monitored closely with follow up visits. It is insane to think that anyone in the medical industry is purposely leading you astray so that the Pharmaceutical companies make money.

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