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I feel like I'm dying all the time !

I was diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and started on Zoloft, it seemed to be working for a week or a little over but now it doesn't seem to help ! I'm so consumed with the thoughts of my death - blood clots because my legs feel funny, heart attack because I felt chest tightness for a moment, That I cannot function at all ! I was started on a very small dosage 25 mg then after a week went up to 50 mg so maybe its not enough ? All I know is I cant live this way anymore is this a normal symptom of anxiety disorder or should I seek medical attention ? ( Go to the hospital ? )
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I say go to the hospital , let them help you ,You are not alone.
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Hi the thoughts you have are anxiety related and I am just the same, I always worry about death, its heath anxiety and all the syptoms you discribe are anxiety related. although all chest pain should be checked out, but 99% it will be due to your fear of death. Its dreadful to have that fear but your not alone, be strong and take care.
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You definitely sound "anxiety plagued" just like the rest of us :)  Every time I get any funny sensation AT ALL, I' convinced that I'm dying.  Even though I have been told on numerous occassions that I am perfectly healthy.  I, too, have felt depressed because of my anxiety.  It is frustrating feeling like you cannot escape these feelings.  But, just know that there are thousands of people out there that feel just like you---and worse---every single day.  yet---with support, like this forum, we can all work on healing together.  I have found that being on here has helped a whole lot!  Every time I get a sensation anymore, I always search it here, and find others who have experienced the same thing.  

If you are ever in doubt, by all means, go to the doctor.  But, if they tell you you are ok, then work on defeating the anxiety :) (although I realize that is much easier said than done)

Keep us updated :)
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Also, bear in mind that with Zoloft it can take up to 4-5 weeks to stabilize on it.  And you generally feel worse before you feel better.
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I always wish my symptoms were physical, but I know they are anxiety.  Now I've gone completely the other way.  If I get a sore throat I chalk it up to anxiety or the meds. I never go to  the Dr. except to refill scripts.  I feel like they will automatically blame it on anxiety or start switching meds.
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Today i am having a sort a bad day and i get where i cant even eat and all i do is worry about the anxous feelings i am having and then i cant seem to clear my mind of it for several days afterwards and i try so hard to keep the neg. feelings out of my mind but i cant.Im glad i found this sight so i can confide in other people on here who suffer like i do.
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We all know how you feel.  Anxiety and panic disorders feed themselves.  The harder you try to keep the neg. feelings out, it seems like the more you dwell on the anxiety.  After you have a panic attack it can take weeks to stop worrying about when the next one will happen.  I'm never happy it's over.  I'm too busy thinking about the ones to come.
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Hey Ashleybug! Hang in there!

I learned to find peace in my anxiety, then... when my spell went away... it was worth the living, b/c it was so nice to feel "normal" again.

It's all a mindset. You can defeat anxiety! YOU CAN! YOU CAN! YOU CAN!

I recommend a good book called Feeling Good by David D. Burns.

It's all about cognitive therapy... that's what helped me defeat my anxiety spells!!!

I kicked the prescriptions... and saw a psychiatrist who was very cool.

The psychiatrist helped me see things in my life that were going on that didnt seem to be a big deal to me... when they really were big deals. Then I put the puzzle together piece by piece... that started my recovery.

Good luck, God Bless!

Just remember, it's okay to think... just not too much. ;)
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