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I feel like I'm losing my mind

for a while now I've been having extreme mood swings.
Most symptoms are internal and I get really vivid visions of breaking things like smashing up my room or the kitchen. Really bad vivid nightmares and sweat a lot at night.
Then my mind is just super manic, racing thoughts, super high adrenaline to the point of physical shakes. I'm an active person and should work it all out but its just like a wave of adrenaline/mania.
I can't concentrate on anything, find it hard to speak what I'm thinking in coherent sentences.
Generally feel a bit out of control of myself. When It happens, I just want to run away and hide, not see anyone, not exist in the world at all, its scary because I just get tunnel vision to the world, feel like I'm sinking into an abyss.
I'm afraid to enjoy the good moments too much because I know that the crash is so extreme....
I'm not really sure what to do. My doctor sent me to a CBT workshop but that's like common sense to me... and I really don't want to go on meds!
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You are not alone..... thousands of us out there with similar symptoms. If I could offer one piece of advice it would be to read The Mood Cure or The Ultramind Solution. good luck
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Sounds like you are having Manic episodes which can be scary for those around you.. Have you done anything yet like broke anything? Acyed out on a loved one or friend? Have you hurt yourself???

I would seek treatment from a psych dr there are meds that can help control those rages and get you feeling better again..

This is just my opinion I suffer from Anxiety as well but I figure why not try to help others being we all can relate!
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