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I feel like doctors wont help me

Hello all, this is my first post. I am a 21 year old male in desperate need of help. I feel completely lost and have no idea where to turn. I've always been an anxious person growing up but it was ruled out as "growing pains". I had a severe accident when I was very young and became very ill in middle school and those are the two things that I believe gave me this anxiety disorder. I am now a college junior and after years of dealing with it I decided to get help. What makes me get help now? Well first off I am a very head strong, athletic, leader type of person - for me to even admit that I have anxiety would be a total suprise to many people, including my parents. However, for the first two years of college I went to a university that was close to my home, so I currently reside at my parents residence. Now it is time to move on, and transfer to a new location which means new friends, finally living off on my own, and more difficult school work. I realize that some anxiety is normal especially when encountering new things, but it is starting to get beyond what I am comfortable dealing with. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor who has know me my entire life, my pediatrician. I trust him and under my current insurance policy I am able to see him until I turn 22, so thats who I currently see. I went in and spoke to him and he let me in on the secret that hes know ive been anxious my entire life, even when I was younger. He referred me to a psychiatrist, and I was on my way. I made an appt with the psych (which I had to wait a month for) and finally went to him yesterday. He did not help at all. He asked me very general questions and kept looking at my tattoos. I understand that people are quick to judge, however my tattoos are done by one of the best artists in the country and are pure works of art, not trash. To shorten this story I feel like he took one look at me and decided that there was no way in hell he is going to even consider giving me a benzo. I realize that I am not a doctor, but am very educated on drugs, nutrition, and exercise. I live a very healthy lifestyle which includes healthy diets, a gym routine 5x a week, and rarely consumes alcohol and never uses receational drugs. He walked out of the room and handed me cymbalta, the depression medication. I told him more than 3 times that I am NOT depressed and that I've had BAD past experiences with depression medication and that I really do not want to take such a drug. Without saying it, his answer to me was basically "take it or leave it". I walked out mad at the world. I spoke to my parents who are both concerned about me now that I have told them how I felt and they want me to call his office back and tell him that I'd like to try blank drug. I told them I was uncomfortable doing this being that it seems like I am just trying to get these drugs to support a habit or addiction, but they still think I should anyway. After lots of research it seems like the best two drugs for my situation would be valium or klonopins, however, I still cant narrow down which one is better for me. As of now, Valium seems to be the best drug for my case, as I DO get panic attacks but I am able to manage them, and they are often rare. The psych did tell me I had GAD, which I know I do. If you were to ask me how I feel during the day I just cant relax, I feel on edge constantly, I cant take a nap even if exhausted, I cant fall asleep at night, I always feel as if I have something to take care of, somewhere I'm late to, or even sometimes worry of money & education - however, I am perfectly happy! My life is great, I live in a nice family, I have great relationships with friends, family, and girls, etc etc etc. There is no need for me to be on a anti-depressant in my opinion an d coupled with my past exp. of the drugs I REFUSE to take one. What do you as a community suggest? I am moving into my new location in 15 days exactly, and I need my anxiety under control - atleast until I become settled. Thank you for any input everyone.
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Antidepressants are used to control anxiety sometimes. They shouldn't be forced on you. I have no depression. My anxiety is helped by 10mg of prozac. These meds take a while to work. I use klonopin prn. Antidepressants help some people with anxiety. Even no depression. I think cymbalta might be stronger. Maybe just different because two neurotransistors.
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Good for you for walking out on the psychiatrist.  Find another until you find one who will listen to you.  And here's the bad news:  most health insurance psychiatrists are hacks; the good caring ones don't work with insurance, so they're very expensive.  I mean, what can anyone tell about you in 15 minutes?  (I don't think the tattoos had anything to do with it, by the way -- you're confusing incompetence and an overburdened schedule and burn out with all those 15 minute sessions with intolerance).  He only recommended Cymbalta because it's a newer kid on the block, but snris are very tough meds for many people and very hard to come off of for many people.  The second drug he would have recommended would be Pristiq, because it's new and on patent, and then Lexapro, because it's relatively new and still on patent.  That's how they work; they only know what the pharmaceutical companies tell them.  They're not curious enough to do their own homework.  

Now, what I don't hear is that you're in therapy, or, since you have a fear or are cautious about meds, any discussion of natural remedies that might help.  If there's a cure, it won't be in meds, they'll only treat your symptoms; it'll be in talk therapy.  Doesn't mean it'll work, none of these modalities are statistically impressive, but if you shop around you might find someone who can help.  So you can put off the medication and try these other things first.  Meditation might be good, since you sound like someone who puts a lot of pressure on yourself; it might tamp down some of the effects of that.  

So, lots of options for you.  You might need your parents' help in paying for them, but it's better to be on the right course than the cheapest one, if you can afford it.  Sad, but true, and I can't afford it.
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I have suffered from genetic anxiety disorders since i was little. I would have severe hallucinations like a tweaker who's been up for more than 5 days. I was only like 6 or 7 years old all shook by my insane imagination. Don't take meds they screw up your overall health. I tackled my problems by stealing vodka every week up to 80 bucks worth and have damaged my intestines. Best med is maybe meditating for medicating or medical marijuana learn to use the high for mental medicating.
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Hello I also have GAD the doctore proscribed me Prozac 40mg to also help me with my OCS but prozac is a GREAT medication for anxiety it helped me out a whole bunch and you mentioned you had a problem sleeping well i was proscribed Seroquel 25mg due to my Anxiety cuz I couldnt sleep at night and it really helps me get a good night sleep!!!!! Hope that helps take care!!
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Definitely don't try marijuana or alcohol for anxiety.  They just depress you further and make it worse; and marijuana tends to exaggerate whatever we're already feeling, so if you're feeling anxious, you'll probably just feel more anxious.  Also, nobody knows if anxiety is a genetic disorder or not.  
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You doctor can prescribe a benzo, I'd go back to him and talk to him about the person he referred you to.
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Thanks for the replies. My parents are currently on vacation and wont be home until monday, so even though it is my doctor my mom is very close with him and will probably call him up to tell him how things went. I just feel like I am one of his oldest patients so even though he knows about benzo's he never prescribes them being that he deals with mostly teenagers if not younger, thats why he sent me to this psych. I am also still concerned one what medication would be best for myself. I definately feel like something with a longer half life would work better for my situation, but I rather take something "as needed" instead of on a schedule course - which im not sure you can do with something like kpins or valium. I will update this and let you guys know what I end up doing and how things turn out. All I know is if I leave for school without any help my anxiety will really get the best of me and things will turn out for the worst at this point..
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You know, I was thinking about your post.  You certainly are a considerate young man and are taking good care of yourself to research what may help you.  Selective serotonin medications have indications that mean they work on a person who is depressed AND a person who is anxious (even with JUST anxiety) or someone with OCD or panic disorder, etc.  The studies to get an indication mean that they looked at them specifically in that disorder, not necessarily comorbid with anything else such as depression.  So if a medication has an indication for anxiety, that means they've studied it in people with just anxiety.  (a number of people have both issues---  but to get the indication, only anxiety was looked at in the research.)  Probably more telling is that you've had a bad experience on an antidepressent in the past.  What was this experience?  

some doctors do have a hiarchy of what they prescribe but in my experience as of late it is in reverse to what the above poster has said.  Insurance companies want generics prescribed and put pressure on docs.  They rate docs as to how they prescribe under this premise.  Brand name vs. generic-----  as long as it works, I'd be happy.

The problem with a drug like valium is that it isn't a great choice for long term use.  It can cause problems in and of itself as it is a controlled substance for a reason.  People also inadvertently hurt themselves on it as well.  While the psych should not have rushed to any judgement, he may have been afraid that with you in college that you might have some drinks with it or something . . .that doesn't make him right to withhold it if it is the best med for you.  

Also, there is a rule in the world of psychology----  talk therapy combined with medication works better than either ever would alone.

Good luck to you and I hope you get the right mix of what it takes to feel better and function at your best.  Best wishes.

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