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I feel like i will die..

Hi all.
So basically i have been getting a feeling that i will die in an accident of late. I will be travelling in a couple of days, meet a friend in a different city, i feel like i wont be able to make it or reach back safely. Not that i am travelling alone for the first time either. Its just that i havnt informed anyone else.
But the thing is i feel very dull and gloomy, everything seems lifeless.
I try my best to not think about it, i try to keep my mind diverted.
But any time i think of the travel i feel i might die. And i dnt know why this is bothering me so much..
Can someone please help?
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Hi sorry to hear your feeling this way, I get feelings like that too, I hate traveling, even if I no I'm not going far I still get really panicked, and I have feelings of dread and think I will die, have you spoke to anyone about how you feel? Have you been diagnosed with anxiety?
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Sorry you feel this way!
Why haven't you informed anyone about your travel?! Maybe you are just anxious/nervous about hiding it.
Although, after Friday's Paris terror attack, I think it's pretty normal for us to feel unsafe... Sad world!
God bless you, try talking to someone about it...
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Do you only feel this way when you're traveling? You should really tell other people when you leave so that they will know where to find you. You should also try travelling with a companion. It's more fun and you wouldn't be lonely. Now as for how you are feeling I think you should consider therapy for possible trauma or depression. I hope you lighten up soon. Take care always.
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Do you ever had these unbased fears before? It sounds like an anxiety to me, and most of the anxieties and fears never makes sense, I have OCD and once I had a fear that I might have some viral disease and am going to die, turns out it was just my mind playing with me; no viral disease and still alive. Just keep in mind that it's just an unbased fear, you're not going to die and don't let it get to you. For me these sorts of fear can last from days to weeks, just keep in mind that it's just a fear and nothing going to happen to it, it might calm you down.
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