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I feel like i’m dreaming or died and now i want to die but cant because of a dream

so im 14 years old, i had a dream of me and my family walking through downtown we all died. I woke up in a room in my house and it was so scary and she appeared and there was a celebrity there too but they were both younger. and my mom appeared too and i asked of she was real she didnt reply. When i woke up i was fine. My dad was mad and i think i got really sad and thought about something like being in another life, now i feel like lifes a dream and im not real anymore and i feel like everyone around me is fake. Please help me it is scaring me so much i planned for my future so much i want this over with
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Dreams do not rule reality.  Keep this in perspective.  Do you have things your brain may be trying to work out?  Yes, perhaps.  But this is not centered in what will happen in your future.  Are you saying that the dram makes you think you want to die?  that's a different matter.  Don't give a simple dram power over you like that.  If you have a lot of anxiety, work on the anxiety!  Also, practice good sleep hygiene to help make sleeping easier without the dreaming.  :>)
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Not sure I understand.  You had what sounds like a pretty vivid dream, can't imagine that's the first time you've had one.  Kids have a lot of very vivid dreams, I'm sure you had them when you were a kid, so why is this one different?  Dreams are weird.  They're fun to talk about later.  They provide ideas to write about and make movies about.  Some are pleasant, some are nightmares, but they are all just dreams.  So I guess I'd ask, why does this dream bother you so much?  Is something going on in your life that might be making you more fearful or edgy than you usually are?  Life is going to look pretty surreal to you many times in your life, and possibly more so as you get older and question things more.  It usually doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  But we mostly just accept that because life just is.  Sometimes it will feel like a dream.  Again, I'm sure this has happened to you before, kids have incredible imaginations and they enter our dreams and I'm sure they entered yours.  So I'd focus on why this dream and why now are you so bothered by it?  No matter what, time will pass and the dream will recede from your memory.  Peace.
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