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I get extreme tremors when i talk to a girl

I've been coping with tremors all my life and now i m 21. I've gone to the doctors about my problems but they said that its nothing.
Whenever i get a little nervous i start to vibrate and my hands get extreme shaky
Other time im okay, but theres always little vibration in my hands but whenver i get excited or nervous, my hands get extreme shaky
The knowing of tremors at the nervous point make my hand uncontrollable.
Whenever i get in a fight, my whole body starts to vibrate
But i can control it sometimes
Eg: when i gave a presentation at my class, i couldnt speak due to extreme tremors, even on my lips and down the throat, my legs, hands and abdomen.
But when i gave the 2nd presentation to the same audience, i got very less tremors and next time, nearly no tremors at all.
Sometimes i cant even write when someones watching me.
One day a girl came at me and asked me to put wifi password on her mobile. I dont know what happened but i my hands got extremeee shaky and i couldnt write the password. I just returned her tha phone and left.
I dont habe any disease and i have this problem i since i remember. It was less when i was a kid.
Once a girl came to me at my college and asked me to plug her phone charger into switch. I took it and i was confident and got little attracted to her and suddenly my hands started shaking and i could do it.
It is not always the case, i can easily talk to girls at banks and everywhere. But i cant whenver i get even a little attratec to a girl i m talking. My lips also get shaky.
But sometimes i control it very well but mostly cant
My usually sing in front of my friends and dont get shaky. One day a friend of my friend asked me to sing and i was cinfident about my voice but i couldnt sing after saying two words. But then i thought that i will sing it and then i sang a full song without any tremors.
I cant drink water if someones looking at me
Everytime when someone looks at me and i'm drinking water, i suddenly remember about tremors and it makes it even worse.
All my friends know that i get tremors.
While writing this message, my fingers arent shaky at all. I dont know what it is but i cant talk to a girl to whom im attracted to.
It's not about confidence. I tried to go to girls sitting behind me and tried to talk confidently but everytime my lips start to shake and my voice changes
I have very little tremors eveytime.
If i put my hand straight in air, my hand will vibrate, but very less.
Please tell me is it curable?
I did online anxiety test and i was at peak when the results came. But i dont think that is right, i m a student and have a lot of friends and i love doing everything.
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Your profile lists you as a female, but you sound like a male.  You don't state your age, but you're in college, do you're not super young.  You don't state how protective your parents were or how experienced you are with women.  What it sounds like is you've got some insecurity that shows itself more openly than it does in others, and it's lasting into your adult life.  Call it anxiety, call it insecurity, call it whatever you like, but yeah, it is curable.  Since experience isn't doing it, and that usually takes care of it, I'd look into discussing it with a professional in therapy.  Try to discover why you feel insecure about things at first to this extent.  You don't have to have a "disease" to need a little help in life so you can overcome a hurdle you haven't been able to do on your own.  You'll get there.
Hey, i m a male:)
I've always been confident and whenever this thing happen, i try to be confident. Even writing this comment my hands are shaking more than when i wrote the post yesterday.
My parents always supported me on everything.
One day my father called me to solder a wire and usually i can do it with less shaking but on that time, at first i was doing fine but after 5 seconds i thought my father was watching me soldering a wire and then my hands started shaking and i couodnt held the soldering iron and trying to calm down makes it always worse.
I've tried everything but nothing works.
Evertime i face new audience, its all the same unless its the same audience i've faced 2-3 times.
Also, when i m placing my attention to a work my hands get extreme shaky
I cant even connect wires when i am making an electirc circuit cause i usually pay extreme attention.
I cant tell my parents cause i m anxious. People usually laugh when they see my hands shaking
Even in normal circumstances, if i open my hand in mid air, it is vibrating a little
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Being socially anxious is not uncommon and different than having clinical social anxiety.  People with clinical social anxiety would not ask a girl out and avoid social interaction all together.  So, that's good news.  You are a nervous guy (or girl?) around the opposite sex.  Little tricks may help you.  Things like deep or square breathing.  Any psychologist will tell you that this is a tried and true coping mechanism to clam yourself.  For deep breathing you breath in slowly and deeply for 3, hold and out again slowly for 3. repeat.  Square breathing is breath in for a count of 4, hold breath out for a count of 4, hold and repeat.  These help and you can do this just as you are going to talk to a girl.  And pause and take a deep breath WHILE you are talking to a girl.  Opening and closing fists helps keep blood flowing, so try that.  And then have a go to pose.  If you are going to shake a little, clasp your hands and put them down by your waste.  squeeze your own hands while you talk.  I'd say cross your arms but body language wise, that's not great.  However, it beats shaking so you can do that as well if you need to.  Self talk helps.  Also, what about your confidence level?  My son that has been socially anxious lacked confidence which contributed to it.  As he has gotten more confident, his ability to be relaxed socially has improved.

So, are you insecure at all?  

You can always speak to a therapist about this too.  By the way, do you have anxiety in other areas of your life?
Hey, i am grateful for your suggestion but nothig works for me ever.
My fingers are shaking while writing this comment maybe because i m excited or happy that you helped me but i cant stop it
My father hands also vibrate but extremely less than mine. He told me that but i never saw him. Maybe hes trying to relax me
I m a male.
My hands also gets shaky whenever im paying more attention.
A policeman yesterday stopped me and gave me a ticket and asked me to sign it while the copy was on his hand. I couldnt sign it, i took the copy from his hand and placed on my bike tank and then i wrote my name in a very smudgy handwriting.
I dont think its about confidence
I always have a great confidence on my ability and my parent greatly support it.
I can go towards a girl easily and can go to stage easily for presentation but after 2-3 seconds i lose control of my body, my lips, my throat even though i want to talk
I've read about essential tremors disease on internet, it may be the problem with me.
I cant sing infront of my friends(not close ones), i cant even connect two wires if someones watching me, i cant drink coke from bottle directy because bottle vibrate when i push it upwards.
I love a girl at my university and want to talk to her and i think she likes me too but one time she came to me and asked me to put her phone charger in switch beside me, i couldnt and my hands got out of control. I m so embarrased
Anyone who spend some time with me knows after sometime
I play a game on my mobile with friends and whenver a person in on my target,my thumb gets shaky cause maybe i get excited and my friend who is sitting besides me knows
I cant go to doctor cause i cant tell my parents. They know but they dont know it is a big problem for me and i dont want to get embarrased. I m 20
Look at your post and see how many times you say nothing works and you "can't."  Well, factually, yes, you can tell your parents.  You don't know nothing works because you haven't tried everything.  I would say, if your Dad has this too, are you sure this isn't something physiological?  Probably not what you're seeing on the internet -- please, don't Google symptoms, it's madness to go that route -- but it could be something.  But to me it sound a lot like stuttering and people can greatly improve that problem.  You can improve yours as well, but at this point, not by yourself.  Tell your parents -- what's the point in having parents if you won't let them be parents? -- and get some help.  Peace.
I agree that having an issue causing tremors and shaking should not be embarrassing to tell your parents.  This is what parents are for . . . to help us deal with issues in life.  Especially health whether they are physiological or mental in nature.  If you can't see a doctor without them, then they need to know.  good luck
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