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I have anxiety attacks at night

my doctor told me i have anxiety problems and i only get anxiety attacks at night! i get really scared when i get them and i have trouble falling/staying asleep. im only 13 years old and i dont even know what im stressed about! im not worrying about anything (its summer!) and my doctor told me to try yoga and to just "relax"

my anxiety attacks go like this:
im almost asleep- im just drifting off and then suddenly i feel as if someone is smothering me and i feel like i need air and my head feels "foggy" and my heart races really fast and my throat feels really tight

is this normal for nocturnal panic attacks? i dont want to feel scared! please help me!
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Hay sweetie yes this sounds normal, I myself have suffered night anxiety and it is completely horrible,, your so young to be suffering from this :( I myself drink camomile tea before bed which helps relax me an I also use bachs herbal remedy spray, but I don't know if there is an age limit for the herbal stuff so maybe get you mum to find out for you,,, yoga is meant to be really good for people who suffer anxiety as it helps teach you how to breath etc which helps during an attack. Hope you feel better soon xx
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  Hi there!
      I have always believed that no one can truly understand anxiety/panic attacks unless they have experienced them personally. Although I haven't had one in YEARS, my daughter has them quite severely. She has a tendency to wake up having one but her doctor put her on cymbalta and she is doing much, much better now. I believe that we have to recognize what it is that is troubling us and come to terms with it. We can’t let it get the best of us but rather get control of it. Also some people do much better if they take medications such as xanax and/or clonazepam. It’s best if you can work with your doctor and perhaps see a psychologist as well. It just takes time and understanding to deal with your anxiety issues. You can’t avoid it, the disorder must be faced head on in order for it to get better over time. I wish you the very best!
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Talk this over with your parents.
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