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I have been having nocturnal panic attacks every night, what should I do?

I wake up in the morning with memory troubles. How can I prevent this?
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Panic attacks feel so bad.  I've read about nocturnal panic attacks. I'm sorry you are suffering this. I read that anxiety and ocd such things (often associated with panic attacks) are worse at night and in the morning. At night, they are the worst because your brain is tired. It's made decisions and coped all day and gets too worn down to deal with thoughts. So, they run wild. And in the morning, we wake up and what wasn't dealt with the day before goes into our memory bank and our brain naturally starts going through what it needs to take care of for the day. The anxiety is there. The remedy to that is getting up and busy for the day. But you are talking about being awakened out of a slumber and not yet time to get up. So hard.

Deep breathing DOES sooth our fight or flight response. In through the nose. Hold it for a second and long breath out. Repeat. Breath through a panic attack. Open and close your fists hard to keep blood circulating. Ground yourself. Feel your bed underneath you. Your body touching the sheets. Smelling your pillow. hearing the sound of your room.

Do you work with a pychologist/psychiatrist at all. You want to rule out sleep disorder. But sometimes we wake up due to unresolved mental health. Treating it more aggressively can help you sleep through the night and control panic attacks.
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