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I have no idea? PLS help!!!

Its been going on fr abt 4 mnths. It started around sep 18th 2016 when i suddnley felt soooo weird. Like my eyes were fuzzy and stuff. But my mom concluded that it was just some digestive problem and it went away after a few hrs of sleep. But since the next day, i felt like everything was unreal. It felt so weird. The lights and things made me feel unreal. I couldnt explain it. I researched a lot on google. I found many diseases like anxeity, High/low blood pressure/sugar, retinal detachment just to name a few. But none made sense and i couldnt relate it to my trouble. But recently i found out abt derealization and depersonalization. It was quite close to my symtoms. But i never felt any symptoms of depersonalization. I also had 2 symptoms of derealization: the deamlike feeling and visual snow. I never felt like i was detached or that i cant feel my emotions. But i feel like everthing is cartoony(?) and stuff. It is worsened by crowds and when im with ppl i dont know. At school i still have this feeling but i get distracted and i dont notice it.

Something else is that i feel like my eyes cant keep up when looking at fast stop motion vids or when im in crowds with confusing lighting. I dont know what it is. I dont wear glasses either.

My questions are:

1. Do i have derealization?
2. Does derealization have cure?
3. Can me feeling like i have derealization just be me imagining it?
4. What might be my problem if not derealization?

PLS HELP!!! IM JUST 14yrs old!!!
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I went through exactly what your going through right now, from my experience I think it's all in our heads because once I started obsessing about something else the unreal feeling disappeared
No one can diagnose you from here, so you should talk in a one on one situation to your school counselor or doctor  who may recommend therapy. You may just be over-thinking because of your age being subjected to lots of new life experiences.
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Thx for the replies... I might be overthinking. Because a few days ago i thought i had some other disease and now its deeralization.
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No, it's not derealization.  That's not a disease, it's a symptom of depression or anxiety and you're not reporting any of that.  Did you get a headache after the vision problem?  That would most likely make it a migraine.  But your answer is never to go around Googling symptoms, but if it's lasting you should see your doctor or an ophthalmologist.
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