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I just wish I knew what was wrong with me...

Hey everybody...I am an 18 year old college student, overweight and a smoker.  I moved away to school way back in August, and everything was going okay (physically) for me.  I wasn't very happy at school, but I dealt with it, like I have always dealt with things that I didn't like.  Anyway, back in December I had an episode of an increased heart rate, which peaked at roughly 140.  This was very uncomfortable for me, as I had never experienced anything like this before.  I also took notice that marijuana use would send me into this increased heart rate.  Anyway, I went to a cardiologist and had my heart checked out, and everything came back normal.  After this I was feeling better, things were going well.  Well roughly 3 weeks ago I started having chest pain.  The chest pain was minor, but it was irritating to say the least, and very much persistent.  I went back to the doctor, and they told me it was probably GERD.  I said okay, and got the prescription of omeprazole filled and began taking it.  Well, 3 days into taking the omeprazole I began experiencing a light headed type feeling, not to the point where I thought I was going to pass out, but certainly to the point where I knew something wasn't right.  So I went home and went to my family doctor at my hometown, where she told me it seems like a sinus infection.  Okay, I thought, so I finished out a round of antibiotics, and this feeling has eased up.  However, the day after I was prescribed the antibiotics I began getting a burning pain in my right arm.  Then the pain in the right arm would go away, and my left arm would go numb.  These two symptoms never occurred simultaneously, I would have right arm pain, then left arm numbness.  I felt like I couldn't escape it.  Also, I think I forgot to mention, the chest pain has pretty much gone away.  Whenever it comes, however, it feels more like it is a bruise or something of that nature, not really heart related.  Nevertheless, I was on Spring Break last week, so I took a trip to my doctor about anxiety, as it seems the only thing that can tie these symptoms together is an anxiety problem.  Well I went to the doctor and she prescribed me Prozac and Ativan.  I took my first prozac pill tonight, and then followed up with an Ativan soon after.  Well, I still have an odd feeling in my right arm, which is very bothersome to me, more mentally than anything probably.  

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced similar things.  It is really frustrating right now...I think perhaps I am having a hard time believing that all of this can be related to anxiety.  I mean, having a constant odd feeling in my right arm, all because of anxiety?  This seems hard to believe...

Additionally, I have been having trouble sleeping, but only when I am at school, when I go home I am able to sleep like a baby.  This is all so frustrating...I have a history of benign bone cysts in my right arm, I had 2 and they were both removed, but whenever something happens to my right arm (where the cysts were) I think my concern about it goes to a whole other level.  In the past few weeks I have had fears that I had a brain tumor, bone cancer, MS, or some other terrible disease...this is just so frustrating.  It is nice to be able to type this out though, and vent in a way.  Anyway, if anyone else has ever had similar experiences, or overcame things like this, it would be great to hear.

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Hi there! I am kinda in the same boat of not believing anxiety/panic disorder can really do this to someone! Its hard to beleive I do get the pain though in my arms I get scared b/c i also get weird chest pains and I keep scaring myself into disease like heart problems tumors ect same thing...I am currently on a heart monitor which comes of in a couple days. If it makes you feel any better my sypmtoms are weird pains in the arms chest pain throat tightness, dream like state, on the verge of passing out at a low heart rate....then racing to like 150-160 on average tinlgy feeling numbness shakeysweaty, it goes on I get muscke twithes in evert part of my body and so on!! Its frustrating that I get this...but just no you are not alone and seocnd not everyone get the same things anxiety/panic disorder can do some crazy stuff our minds are very powerful. I still no all this and I still can not get over my fears! Your not alone sweety and its take about 2-4 weeks for mds to kick in keep it up and if nothing changes and more things prosist go back to your doctors and deman things you want done!!
Good luck keep us updated!
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hello. anxiety isnt just something small that makes you say okay its anxiety... its something life changing that makes u wonder if its really anxiety or something worse. like a heart attack, tumors, etc... lol its a horrible thing to go through. i have been going through this for about 6-7 months now. still very new with it all. buts its hit me almost every day. ive always had this constant worry feeling, even as a kid. but was never this bad. i am still untreated for anxiety as well because i have had an allergic reaction to every anti-depressant they have prescribed me! so im in a boat without a paddle, for now i hope. lol. anyways... i experience weird feelings...sometimes slight pains in my chest, my finger tips get numb and tingly and at times one arm will either hurt or get really weak. also, dizziness, vision gets a little blurry at times (which ppl say that means something really bad is wrong but its been checked and its anxiety), lightheaded, weak, shaking, fullness in back of head and neck, sweaty (gross), and the list goes on and on. it really *****. oh i am also overweight and i smoke as well...not marijuana but ciggs. lol. ive also had thoughts of a heart attack... they told me it was sinusitis, ear infection blah blah blah. still had the same problems. they told me my heart was fine. and then was checked for tumors...that was fine as well. also seen an ent and that was good too. so anxiety it is! lol what a lovely thing to experience... (totally joking). hope you feel better and remember.... it can take 4 to 6 weeks for the meds to get in your system. give it time.
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Wow, I hope everything gets better for both of you, and quickly!  I have felt better today, and slept very well last night.  I just have to tell myself that this feeling in my arm is related to anxiety, and nothing more.  It will take time to go away, because it takes time for your body to lower stress levels, and anxiety symptoms are all stress related.  I get that thought every once in a while that "Oh no, I must have bone cancer" but then I just stop myself, don't let me go further into that thought.  I am sick of this controlling so many of my thoughts.  Now is the time for me to take care of this, and that is exactly what I am going to do.  Anxiety does not control my life.
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