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I need advise with me and my freind and weed

Tonite is wensday and my really good freind has weed that he wants to smoke tomarrow night(thursady). Me and him do everything together we always have, but I've learned my lesson(its a long story) and recently I beileve I had a panic attack and im scared to death of smoking with him tomarrow. I know when the time comes tomarrow and I tell him no, he's going to get pissed of at me and not talk to me for a couple of days. And I don't want to be like that were all of a sudden he thinks im a chicken because he dosent know how it feels to have a panic attack. So if someone could tell me what I should say to him so he thinks im not a good friend, that would be great
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Being chicken is saying YES. A real friend don't impose things on you, doesn't judge you or doesn't stop talking to you coz you didn't please him/her.
A good friend is someone who supports you no matter what, it's the one you can call at 4am for anything and nothing.
A good friend is someone who'd take you by the hand and bring you to some kinda help for your panic attacks. Pot is a mood enhancer, not a good idea with panic attacks.
Tell me would you jump off the bridge if he told you it was fun?
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I had that problem in college not smoking pot of course but people approaching me about it. I found giving them a lecture made me look out of place. So basically I learned to say "I'm not into that" or "that's not for me". After a while when I disclosed my disability I explained it would make things worse and/or interfere with my medication and they accepted that. And if they still kept up trying to pressure me, well then I made other friends and moved on in life. Often people who do that are self medicating for their own issues and have an inferiority complex about it. Eventually they will realize they need help (at the very least talk therapy and certainly rehab.). Just realize you are in the right and don't let their approach overwhelm you. It comes from their own insecurity.
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You're right, if he's never had a  panic attack, he won't fully understand.  However, that doesn't mean he should get pissed at you or think you're a chicken.  Maybe he won't even react like that, give him the benefit of the doubt. If I were nervous about the situation, I'd just make it clear that I don't like the effects weed has on me so I'm not going to smoke it, but that I don't care if he does and I still want to hang out.  Keep us posted about how it goes, and try not to stress about it in the meantime, that will just make your anxiety worse.
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One if he is a good friend he will understand, PERIOD. If you do smoke with him, then you , yes YOU OWN anything that happens to you or or body (ANXIETY?PANIC) period.

really simple.
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A good friendship means that the relationship is beneficial towards one another's higher purspose and calling in life.  It is designed to encourage and uplift things that are healthy for one other and tare down those things which are not.  If that's not happening within both parties envolved, then neither is enjoying a healthy and sound friendship.  

For me, there are two kinds of friendships.   And each individual has complete control in which kind he/she desires and chooses to invite into their life.  Once the choice is made, we eat the fruit thereof.  It's a life of choosing.  (If we make the wrong choice, quickly learn from that and make a right one, swiftly.  You'll see different results.)

There are frienships that mean:  'You and I are here to lift up, encourage and secure the things that are healthy and beneficial in our lives; so that we may both enjoy a good, long, healthy and a prosperous life, full of good-quality and rewards.  (In this case, both greatly desire to see one another reep positive benefits and it feels very pleasing and comforting deep inside.)

There is also a so-called friendship that means:  When we have issues that may not be beneficial to me or my friend's health and well-being; then, I am here to tare down, discourgage and make my friend feel insecure if he/she doesn't go along with me on the issue.  If I'm going down, then my so-called "friend" is going down too; because I am afraid to be left alone when it happens to me.  However, I am willing from time to time, to do or say some "good things" to my friend, once in a while, as an attempt to keep them on board with me.  (This type of friendship feels very displeasing, disheartening and discomforting deep inside.  And that feeling is a warning that a wrong choice has been made and now is the time to make a right one.)
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I had the same problem -- and I just stopped smoking.  If your friend doesn't understand, after you explain, then he has a problem, too.  Always take care of yourself; you can't take care of others, you can only be supportive, and here I think it's your friend who has the problem if he's like you say he is, and if he isn't, it's just your insecurity.  People who suffer from anxiety can be insecure, usually are, so dealing with this on your terms will only help.
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Thankyou guys, I've read all of your comments and really thought about them. Your right if he gets mad at me then he's not a true freind to me so im going to tell him that I've been thinking today and I don't want to be a druggie and that I should be haveing fun without that stuff. Thank you again i'll post more comment after tonite to let you guys know how it went.
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Dude, I've been there with my best friend. Once I got so stoned that I puked out her car window because I got so nervous. She's cool and knows that I don't smoke. Besides, it's horrible for your lungs and gives you crappy skin. Just say no thanks. No big deal.
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I know but its like if I tell him no than he's going to get all pissy and , whatever thanks though
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I smoked for A LONG time, then one day, it brought extreme panic, but it always chilled me out before that, and was just a "relaxing" thing..kinda like drinking a beer or two.
In my oppinion, if a person is sef medicating with weed, GOOD FOR THEM, Id rather see a person smoke some pot then take dangerous Physc meds.
Its funny how pots against the law...but they can prescribe some of these meds.

I cant smoke anymore, but I do have to say..that its helped allot of people, and if it works for some,..then good for them.

Mike, a real friend will never pressure you into something that you dont want to do...just tell the dude, "more for you, so why are you mad"

if he gets upset, I suggest looking more into the terms of "friend" and finding real ones.
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Hey, Mike, if your friend gets pissy because you have a problem that needs attending to, like I said, I think he has more problems than you do.  Also, who really likes being around someone who's trying to dominate you by getting pissy when you assert yourself?  

Be strong, man.  
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