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I need an explanation to this!

Ok I have posted many times and told people about my anxiety I've for every test in the book from blood to heart to MRI since 2007-2009 my last blood work. But my main concern is this weird dizzy feeling. Now it ain't room spining is more like I am being rocked especially while sitting and laying down is like my legs r jello and seem to move also sometimes I get a strong push like gravity fell on me like I am falling. Now I feel no pain thru this just that dizzy feelin no room spining ither. Just like being on a rocking chair being moved my legs usually feel like it's causing it but when I feel them I don't feel nothing what is causing this?
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My dr. has told me that anxiety can affect any part of your body and can cause other physical ailments. Once the anxiety is under control you should feel a little better. Hope this helps,best of luck!
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I agree with Slmercer. Anxiety has so many strange symptoms. Are you seeing a counselor or taking any meds for your anxiety? You've had many medical tests done so it sounds like your healthy. I understand the dizzy feeling. Mine is not always quite like yours but I do have dizziness out of no where sometimes.  Remar
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Honestly I haven't token meds nor counseling since 2008 and it wasn't consitent
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I think getting in touch with a therapist and a psychiatrist would greatly reduce your symptoms since you have already had a lot of testing done.
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