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I need help what coukd it be are other people experiencing what I am

About 4 weeks ago I got a sinus infection/ear infection. Then I started seeing things about people dying on facebook. So I went to the ER they gave me antibiotics. My whole body felt heavy and I wasnt getting better so I went to another Hospital and they told me the same thing. Well i started googling and seen 2 people died from a ear infection. This made me furios I was dizzy weak wouldnt eat couldnt drink. Then i started getting this vibration feeling on my left side of my leg.So I finally went to my doctor and he said stop taking the meds. I was so scared that it was my blood pressure which has rised and I went into panic mode. My blood results came back fine and they said I was healthy but could stand to loose some weight because im 19 and 327 lbs. At night my body would start shaking and id get tense. Now i dont have the infection and Its gotten worse I feel like im going to die or have a heart attack because my chest feels pain my arms ache I worry constanly do I need to go to the er I check my blood pressure its 140/60. I kept googling maybe it was cancer fibromilaga or anything else.Im always worrying. My appetite has came back but I feel like I have something else and maybe my doctor missed something. I do sleep well at night. But now my ear start to hurt. The weater has been chaning constanlty. Yesterday I started feeling bad so I called 911 because I felt like i was going to have heart attack. But I was fine.My left lower leg still feels numb and I think I am going to die or I have a bacterial Infection that will.kill me  Im starting to think I have aniexty can someone help me.
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Starting to think you have anxiety?  I think that boat has long sailed.  Dying of an ear infection?  Facebook is not a research source.  Googling symptoms just scares us, because symptoms can mean a lot of things or nothing at all.  Current guidance for ear and sinus infections is to not use antibiotics at all unless they don't go away on their own, which they virtually always do, so as to reduce the overuse of antibiotics that has become a problem in health care.  I also wonder -- did you say you were on a course of antibiotics you hadn't completed and your doctor told you to just stop?  I think I know why a doctor would say that, which is that many people get side effects from antibiotics and they are harmful long-run to parts of the immune system.  But once you start a course you generally have to finish it.  But let's say everything was done fine -- you're worrying about everything.  That's anxiety.  
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