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I read this for symptoms of...

I googled symptoms of


At the very bottom this is what I read.....

Of note, at the national meeting of the American College of Rheumatology in 2007, it was reported that anxiety and depression occur with an increased rate in people with Lyme disease

I think im going to go get tested...you should too....... AND just know that you could go through many false negative's before you get a positive when going to get tested for lymes.
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thank you both for the advice..i will try to avoid doing that from now on....
Its not easy when you think it could be every disease possible...but will take alot of stress off by chosing not to research symptoms and diseases........thanks again
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While cj has already given the best advice there is, I just wanted to add my support to his statement about searching out symptoms on the net. For us folks with anxiety issues, it is the WORST possible thing we can do! As cj said, you could take any symptom, no matter how insignificant, and somewhere on the net you're going to find that it is a major symptom of a brain tumor or cancer or an impending stroke......you name it............
Please, I beg all of you.............STAY OUT OF THOSE SITES!!!!!!!!
If you become afraid of a symptom, COME HERE! Either to the Anxiety Forum or one of the many others who will help you decipher what you are fearing.
Don't put yourself through any more than you have to!
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While it is always good to ensure you are healthy, be VERY cautious when searching on the internet for symptoms.  It can lead you down a path that is both long and can cause needless anxiety.  IF I did a search on some of my symptoms it would say I was suffering from all sorts of terminal illnesses; the point is that a simple headache when researched carelessly and frivolously on the internet would say that I was suffering from some rare disease that was going to cause my head to explode any day now.  

While it is always important to keep on top of your health, remember that the worst case scenario is usually not the most likely.  
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