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I worry a lot and see and feel my heart beat always, I've been alert lately

Well it started a month ago I got panick attack, it went away but then also came lightheadness and derealization...the light-headed disappeared last week but the derealization is not actually gone but I think it's fading. Okay so what bothers me lately is I can see and feel my heart in my chest and when I place my hand on my chest I feel like my heart is in my hand(well im thin) and I've been too alert lately. Please help I don't know what's wrong.
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It sounds like you're Googling.  You'd be better off seeing a psychologist and working on your budding anxiety problem.  If this was your first and only panic attack, but you're continuing to have leftover problems from it, that's a good time to see a therapist who specializes in anxiety.  Now, you can try and exercise and meditate and let time run its course and maybe this goes away, but the longer you go on letting this experience bother you the more likely it might become a chronic problem.  From your description, I'd say you need a little help here to let go.  Know that almost every one alive has had a panic attack about something -- virtually everyone has a phobia of some kind and avoids doing something.  This doesn't affect the rest of their lives -- they just avoid, say, roller coasters.  But when you hold onto the symptoms it might be time to consider help.
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Thanks i will try
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