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Is it normal with IBS to have yellow on the toilet paper, but not yellow stool? I have been to a GI doc and had every test for my liver, including a biopsy, all were normal. I have had one of those occult blood tests for my stool as well, it was negative. I'm probably worrying for no reason, but I just wanted to see if anyone might possibly know something about it. I didn't know if this was the proper forum for this post, but it is possibly related to IBS as IBS is a manifistation of anxiety.

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Are you positive it's not just urine?
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I don't want to sound disgusting, but when I do wipe it can sometimes take on a yellowish color depending how much and how smeared it is.....on another note (Thank Goodness!) My mother-in-law was supposedly suffering with IBS...needless to say, all tests were proving negative...turned out to be depression and anxiety and started on Lexapro! (anti-anxiety/depression medication).  Her IBS went away!  Just a thought since you seem to be overly anxious although all tests prove negative....ONE DEFINITE SIGN OF ANXIETY DISORDER!
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I really hope its not urine, I'm a guy!  I am sure its not urine, sorry I hate talking about gross topics, I have had around 20 liver function tests, over the last two years, and they have never detected any jaundice.  So I assume that it probably isn't related to billirubin despositing in the stool.
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I do take lexapro, which has helped a lot with the IBS, but not compeletly cured it.  On another note, my mom has IBS and I have heard it can be a hereditary condition.
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Did you ask the doctor about the yellow toilet paper?  I think it is nothing...but CALL HIM to settle your mind!

That is funny about the urine....LOL  I was thinking the same thing not realizing that you are a guy.  Sorry for the confusion!!!!!!
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LOL! Yeah in my case I think there would be something horribly wrong if it where urine. No offense sparkeler, just having some fun.  It gave me a good laugh at work. Thank you for your thoughts all. =)
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Oops, I didn't know you were a guy!  Just trying to give some input b/c I know how us females can be.  :)
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