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Hello autumn89

have you had any life changes recently? can you think of anything that may have triggered this chronic anxiety that you have been having? and how long has it been going on? I would try to talk to a doctor and see if he could help with the anxiety issue but if you're looking for herbal remedies, valerian root and melatonin which can be found at most drug stores can be used for sleep and st. johns wort is an herbal anti-depressant but I would talk to a doctor about any med you might be taking that could interact with St. Johns Wort. Hope this is some help!

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Since you know you have OCD and bi-polar, chances are you are in the care of a physician.  Let him know, of course, about this feeling -  feelings can be VERY important warnings that something is not right physiologically.  Have you had a good, over-all medical workup, including screenings for allergy/autoimmune issues?  Sometimes our psychiatrists don't catch these things.  Have you been evaluated for possible ADD?  This can lead to the symptoms you describe - some of these mimic other problems - a GOOD book to read is "Women With Attention Deficit Disorder" by Sari Solden, most of what she writes can be informative to men as well, especially in this gender-role changing time - the books explains many things that might make sense to you.  

I don't know your age or medical history, but I have been desperately ill (due to auto-immune problems) and both times I knew that if I did not get help immediately I was going to die - and both times I was right, outrageous infections with blood poisoning.  Three months before his death from lung cancer my husband told me he was dying... he never had the first cough, twinge of pain, nothing - I replied by forcing him to resume taking antidepressants he had elected to discontinue.  Three days before he died he felt so poorly I demanded that his doctor see him (after several previous calls to say he "just doesn't feel well") and the cancer showed up on an x-ray.  I tell you these things not to scare you (who wouldn't be scared!) but to encourage you to be sure that you have seen a doctor to rule out possible medical conditions.  Please call a doctor.  
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Research does not support the idea that ADD is something you grow out of.  Really, read the book (I got it from the library - I had to wait months, it's a popular book and the local library's copy disappeared, I had to go through inter-library loan.)
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I agree with katrinika. ADD is a defect in the frontal lobe of the brain and you do not "grow out of it". However you may have been misdiagnosed as a child, but if you still have trouble concentrating or get easily distracted chances are you still have it. The only way to find out for sure is to get an fMRI, which is usually not covered by most insurance at this time for ADD diagnoses.

Are you currently taking any medications for your bi-polar disorder or OCD? And are you bi-polar I or bipolar II?
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Yeah, Anxiety and panic attacks make you feel like your going to die

trust me, best thing to do is stay calm

defeating Anxiety/Panic attacks is just like defeating a inner demon..pretend there is some demon in your concious of your mind and your some bad *** epic warrior. you must slay the demon! and face it with no fear! :)

also talk to your doctor and stay smiling and laughing :)
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