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Illnesses this winter?

Does anyone know what is going on this winter?

I've had very mixed reviews on illnesses this winter.
I have a friend who works at a pharmacy and
said there has been a reduction in profits because
flu season has been milder than usual.
On the other hand, my doctor told me it's been a very
bad winter and attributes EVERY illness to
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Since September, I've been constantly sick.
Varying from something that looks like your
run of the mill cold/flu/strep throat/sinus infection.

I am now just extremely upset because my
doctor brushes me off after I've insisted on
a throat culture and some lab work.
Since she didn't do that, I came down with
scarlet fever. (Which was treated)

Any advice or input who knows what's going on?
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I work in the NY area and we are all dropping like flies!  However, not so much the flu, but bronchitis and sinus infections.  Many of us can't seem to get rid of it either.  We start to get better and then we are hit again.. Everyone's doctor's are different.  Some are giving antibiotics...some are saying that they aren't needed...HOWEVER, YOUR DOCTOR DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A NUT....SHE IS A NUT!!!  GET A NEW DOCTOR AND FAST!  Thank goodness that you were able to be treated for the Scarlett fever for some are not as lucky.

Well, that is my little corner of the world...The weather also has been crazy.  It goes from unseasonably warm for a week or two (in the 50's) and then to unseasonlbly cold (down to the teens and 20's) the next...I say when the weather is too warm there are more germs in the air...the cold air kills them...this winter on the eastern coast has been too warm...that is just my opinion!
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Well g/f, you have certainly been thru the mill and I'm very, very sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I do know, first hand, how devastating that can be.
Since I'm in a bit of a rush to make it to work on time, this response is going to be a bit short. What you are describing regarding catching one cold after another with some flu tossed in for variety, I don't think is terribly unusual. I have seen much of that around here and in fact, have been dealing with it myself. Many of us caught colds way back in October and are still dealing with it or we got run down and caught another and then being even MORE run down we caught the flu and it CAN seem like you're just sick all the time, which basically we are. We have all managed to stay at the cough,sneeze, wheeze, snot, sore throat stage, but you, sadly, went on to Scarlet Fever! I'm happy it was finally diagnosed and you got the treatment you needed. I hope you are feeling much better now. It's almost impossible to avoid cold and flu germs this time of year, but I would highly recommend that you go out of your way to get adequate rest, eat well, stay well hydrated, manage your stress levels and take plenty of time out for YOU!
I am sorry for my silly post from before, I did not realize you had gone thru so much more.
Mea Culpa!
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Thank you very much for your advice.
I am not doing a survey but rather trying
to get an idea if I'm getting sick because
I am in fact experiencing PTSD or it really
has been a bad winter.

To elaborate, I had a miscarriage in September
and fell ill with a cold.
In October a D&C was performed to empty the
contents of my uterus since everything had
not passed naturally.
Of course a D&C isn't a girl's dream and a fair
amount of stress isn't involved but it certainly
wasn't something I had a meltdown over.
So I became sick with yet another cold that
I seem to had not gotten completely over
in September.

A lingering cough seemed to have stuck around
through November.
After Christmas, became ill with something flu/cold-like
that passed over into the New Year.
Shortly after, strep throat/sinus infection hit me
and went undiagnosed until I realized I had scarlet fever
and ended up in the ER.

Thank god for WebMD.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Please excuse me while I have a good giggle up my pant leg...............

(Please know that I am NOT laughing at YOU or any of your problems!)

I had to laugh because your doctor sounds like a nut job and in my humble opinion, you should fire her butt, if you haven't already and the sooner, the better!

Every illness is PTSD? How interesting. Do you have any idea where she attended medical school? Iraq? Viet Nam circa 1964?

You saw this doctor over a fairly long period of time with various symptoms of flu/cold/sore throat and sinus infection and she didn't do ANY lab tests? And you were then diagnosed with SCARLET FEVER!?

As far as what is going on this winter with illnesses, you say you've had "mixed reviews" from your pharmacy friend and your doctor. Are you doing a national survey? Are you terribly anxious about what is happening in my little corner of the world? I can tell you, since I work at a hospital and we get "reports" on such matters, that the incidence of flu and pnuemonia ARE indeed up a smidge from this time last year, but nobody is ready to call the CDC just yet. Anyone else on the forum care to wade in with their local updates on sneezing, snot and diarrhea?

I am poking you with a stick as a very dear friend of mine would say..........but only because I think you can take it!

I still think your doctor needs her walking papers out of your medical care, and seriously, I think this winter is just about the same as every other winter..........but then again, that rodent in PA. did see it's shadow, so lets not give up the stats just yet!

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