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I'm a very hypochondriac person please help me.

Hey,I recently had an itchy scalp lets say for less than a week, and now I told my brother to check and he said and I quote "red spot, pimple like" and now that rang all the alarm bells in my head including the fire department! Question is can I get skin cancer within a week? Because I'm researching online and what it says "It is very rare for basal cell skin cancer to spread to another part of the body to form a secondary cancer. But it is possible to have more than one basal cell cancer at any one time. And having had one does increase your risk of getting another" and takes years for it to develop into cancer.
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I also have health anxiety. Do not Google symptoms. EVER. It always shows the worse case scenario. What you have sounds like a simple bug bite. Most bug bites are red and itch.
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Hey, it's alright.
I'm a hypochondriac too! I've convinced myself I had the worst diseases! This to new just sounds like it could be a pimple or a bug bite. If you're wondering, yes it is possible to have pimples on your head. I've gotten them before. Over time, they turn a lighter shade of pink and eventually just go away. Try not to itch it too much, because that could make it bleed. Don't google! I do it all the time and it only makes matters worse my friend! Just try to take your mind off it, don't dwell on it. I'm sure it's not skin cancer. But of course, if you are that concerned, ask a dermatologist. He'll probably just tell you it's a pimple:) message me if you need to talk.

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You are fine - its your thoughts that need to be controlled, not the spot on your head. Before I was receiving treatment for my anxiety i thought i had a brain tumour, cancer, aids, you name it, all within a couple of weeks. Again, you are fine. R u receiving help for your anxiety and hypercondria?
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Dude. I get red itcht things on mt scalp all the time. Its either a zit or a part of dandruff. Do not fret.:)
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Hey thanks for the reply to my post, I'm just that I'm a very paranoid person especially when it comes to my health. Yeah I was on propanol i was fiend for it! I took it everywhere with me. It all started off with bowel cancer scare and which then moved on to lung cancer which I was reassured that it's almost impossible for a 21 year old to catch if no family history and I've never smoked In my entire life, and now I got a new freckle on the ball of my right foot which has scared not 2 lungs but 9 lungs out of me! I don't know why I think straight away worst case scenario which is now melanoma ! I've done so much research I've lost it. I can't control it my mother took me on holiday so I can calm down but it's gone even worse :(
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Oh and I forgot to mention, I also had a HIv scare which ruined my life for a couple of weeks! I was so paranoid I had a flu and thought yup that's it I'm done.. Even tho I had no sexual contact due to my health anxiety :( what are the chances of me having melanoma?
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It's a pimple, Dandruff or a bug bite. That simple.
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It's a pimple, Dandruff or a bug bite. That simple.
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So nothing serious right ? Not recommended to visit hospitals ? I mean I've went to plenty of pharmacies and they laugh saying its nothing serious and he recommended a cream which he said it looks inflamed or ingrown hair etc
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It is very common to get an itchy scalp and many people also get spots on the scalp.

Eat a healthy and well balanced diet, keep the rain off your head and use a suitable shampoo for your hair type.  

You have nothing to worry about.
I agree with Tocldja that the problem is hypochondria.

You need to steer clear from medical information on the web and elsewhere, as this is what is making you ill, paranoid and causing you undue anxiety and stress.  Do something physical to take your mind off things.

If you feel unwell, by all means make an appointment and see your doctor who will examine you and give you his diagnosis.  If there is a problem, the doctor would not hesitate to refer you to the appropriate specialist.
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