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Im feel like im going to commit Suicide..Please Help Me

Hello my name is Mike...for the past 3 months i have been experiencing some weird symptoms that literally has had me out of work..not seeing friends..and basically disabled in my room. I started to get these sharp quick pains in my head that last only a split second....the pain is triggered if i move my head to fast or even if i hit a bump in the road while driving....also i have noticed that if i tap my jaw with my hand it triggers the same sharp pain that im feeling. As if that isnt strange enough i also have a 24/7 constant feeling of like pressure and dizziness. The pressure just makes me always feel uncomfortable and im never in a relaxing state, my hand is always on my head and it just feels like theirs pressure in my head that shouldn't be. It gets even worse if i walk into a store or a populated place, i feel like i need to close my eyes and just it down...its extremely uncomfortable. Even when im not out tho the feeling is still here...like i could be sitting at home and its always here..just feels like something isn't right....it makes me wanna shake my head it feels like something is in there that shouldn't be....i find my eyes squinting all the time because of it and my hand always on my head....i went to a neurologist and had an MRI done of my cervical spine and of my brain and both came back normal....i also had blood work done and everything came back normal. Ive seen an ENT, a dentist and a cardiologist also.. I have to mention that back in 2006 i took a couple big blows to my head when i use to do boxing. I experienced these symptoms back in 2008 and then they went away. During 2009 2010, and 2011 i was completely fine and normal. Then in January 2012 the symptoms came back...all of 2012 was on and off..some months i was ok and some i had my symptoms...but in November of 2012 it came back and its now feb 2013 and it just hasn't gone away. Idk wats wrong with me but between the pressure and dizziness feeling plus the actual feeling of physical pain when any kind of vibration goes through my body such as a bump in the road or turning my head to quick or even biting down on hard candy can can set off the split second of sharp pain. I just really need some advice and someone to tell me were to turn to next because im literally falling apart...idk if maybe it has to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain? I also happen to notice that when i smoke marijuana all my symptoms get 100 times WORSE...i smoked marijuana multiple times a week for the past 2 years and i was completely fine...but i now notice that if i try and smoke i feel that sharp pain alot more often and my vision along with the dizziness and stuff is WAY worse....its almost like something in marijuana triggers it and makes it worse and thats why i say maybe its a chemical imbalance or something in that direction. I would really appreciate if someone would review this and please at least point me in the right direction....thank you so much...sincerely Mike
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Ive had allbthese symptoms also been out of work for six month do to crazy anxiety. I went and had an mri and had six lesions ony brain only 24 also had three retina tears in the past cupple of months i feel as if im dying of a heart attack three times a day atleast. Hang in there i am its hard but i have a kid. Good luck to you i havnt got any answers yet. Those sharp head pains made me cry and im not a person to cry for pain.
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Hi Mike...it's the pot honey, this is what happens to some people.  Did you have any kind of anxiety before you ever smoked?  Even a little?  And yes, once you're caught up in that anxious cycle, smoking will most certainly make you feel just horrid!.  If you're smoking the dispensary kind, that is VERY powerful stuff...but at this point for you, it doesn't matter *what* kind it is.  

Put 'weed' 'pot' or 'marijuana' up in the search engine of this forum, and you will see you're not alone in this.  

To get better, you need to leave that stuff behind forever and I mean NEVER AGAIN, and realize you are simply someone who can't smoke weed.  It stays in the system up to 30days; will take a while to clear your system, as it binds to the fats cells, but you will gradually begin to feel better, then you can start to get your anxiety under control.  

Just know there is HOPE.    
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Sorry, very anxious and tired myself, but in rereading, I see you had several head injuries and these issues prior, so no need to answer my question.  

Also...with the way you're feeling, I know it's super hard not to post repeatedly, but try not to; you'll get others irritated, so try to sit back and wait for people to answer.  And no more mentioning of suicide, that will just get your post removed.  
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Stop smoking the weed. It is a proven anxiety starter for some people. I have had experience with this myself. Give it time for your mind and brain to heal.

I would also suggest getting rid of the boxing career. I know a guy in his early 40s that boxed when he was younger. He walks around like a zombie now from all the head shots he took when he was younger (and he was a pretty good fighter).

Hang in there
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Please don't think of a permanent decision for a TEMPORARY problem!!! Things can always get better.. You have to find the proper help and don't give up!!! Prayers to you!
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Also, stop smoking weed, that hardly worth the trouble.  I know some people are not for anti depressants but when anxiety and depression is effecting your life so much it can be a life saver.  My personal opinion, I think it should be combined with therapy and coping mechinisms.  But check with a doctor of course, i'm not a doctor i'm just speaking from experience.  You can beat this you just need to be proactive.  ALso, you might want to research into anxiety and symptoms and see if it seems to fit!  Anxiety  can make you think you are dieing!.. And yes I agree with no more boxing as well. Best of luck to you.
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