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I'm not sure if something is wrong with me or if it's just anxiety?

I go through phases where my anxiety hits me hard and other times it's like nothing is wrong with me at all. My symptoms of harsh anxiety is the feeling of not being able to breathe, I could faint at any moment, and it is worse when I am alone. Recent experience: when I'm home alone and I get up to get ready I feel like I can't breathe and get dizzy. I have taken anti anxiety mess, I hated the way they made me feel. Now on top of my anxiety my upper back and neck have to continuously be popped and stretched, making my anxiety of something being wrong ten times worse. I can't drive without the fear of something bad happening and I can't be alone without thinking about it either. I feel as though I'm in a dream like state half the time. Im getting to where I can't stand it anymore and just want to be helped. Does anyone know what to do or who to see? My doctors just want to give me antianxiety meds and xanex, and I don't want any of that. I want a long term fix without having to feel nothing or tired all the time.
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Have you tried therapy?
I've been but never commited to it. I think I'm a hypochondriac to say the least. So I keep telling myself if I could just make sure nothing's wrong I'll be fine.
You could try a xanax, but every day. In the case of hypochondria the xanax may make otherwise physical symptoms disappear.  In other words, when your at your worst you use it as a diagnostic tool over going to the doctor.  If the ailment goes away, you know it was caused by the anxiety.
I meant "not everyday"
Actually, taking a drug that suppresses anxiety doesn't mean there isn't a physiological problem, it just means you don't care about it or notice it.  Sometimes this is done when there is no treatment for a particular ailment, such as fibromyalgia, but again, suppression doesn't equal no problem.  That doesn't at all mean this particular poster has any physical problems, just that suppression doesn't mean a problem doesn't exist.  
Katemarsh94 the fact you never committed to it means you didn't really try it. if you read what you wrote, your life has some painful periods, so  perhaps you should try again,
I was on anxiety medications bout 4 years ago... after my husband passed away I denied I needed it. I spent nights awake thinking something would happen to my son or I... ruined friendships and relationships... I just now start Lexapro and am excited to be able to live a normal life. I recommend trying medications again.
I side with Anxousnomore on this -- I think this person would benefit from therapy.  It's not time for medication yet.  These meds are serious drugs, and sometimes are the only things that help, but if a person is still functioning as well as this person is, why go down that road when therapy hasn't really been tried yet?  Anxiousnomore is wise on this.
Well I went to the doctor. They prescribed me Zoloft. I go back in a month. This is my first night taking it and it's 1:47 am here and I'm wide awake. The side effects can be insomnia. I think if it happens again I'll just stop taking it and let my dr. Know. And I know it's going to take a few weeks for it to get Into my system, but it hasn't helped my anxiety in the slightest tonight.
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Your mind is a powerful thing but I do not understand how it can cause so many physical symptoms.Hi hope this gives me some ideas or diagnosis. I have been having alot of problems the past 2-3 months , I have a pounding heart all the time , when I wake up untill I go to sleep , the rate seems quite normal. I have had multiple ecgs and blood test which were all fine and currently waiting to get an ultra sound and a 48hr monitor. I have some serious pain just below my breastbone (stomach) I guess . I have cut out all caffeine drinks , alcohol and cigarette since the first night I woke up with a pounding heart (2-3 months ago) have been taking all sorts of stomach tablets which do not help , I am also currently waiting on ultra sound of my abdomin and a test for h pylori.  I am fit and play football and it has stopped me training because when I traing I get a strong pulsating pain in my (stomach) but I think k the docs think it may be in my head but I am not stressed and usually a very calm guy . 18 yrs old
The ab pain naturally makes you depressed and anxious, because it hurts and you wonder if it will ever stop. Anxiety and depression feed off each other in a vicious circle, so you may be unable to figure which of the 2 is the actual underlying problem when you think it is anxiety, since the pain won't go away to give you a chance to sit back and analyze properly.
Thank you for your response , but can it cause the symptoms I have and constant ? It's very hard to understand as I think there is something physically wrong with me?
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