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I'm really nervous about this

I have GAD and last night my boyfriend accidentally sat on my head. Sounds silly, I know, but it happened.

Now I can't stop worrying about a brain injury or brain compression or something. I think my anxiety is making it worse because before I was worried it didn't hurt or anything and now I pay so much attention to it that it hurts just a little once in a while.

I also have pressure, but it's like in my ears and not my head. I'm not nauseous or dizzy or anything.

Fellow anxiety sufferers, what should I do? I'm a total hypochondriac, but should I go to the doctors for this one, or wait to see if any more serious symptoms come along?
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I have allergies and the season is just starting so maybe the ear pressure could be that? Anyone know?
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Your brain is a very, very powerful thing, and can make you feel things that aren't really there, and anxiety can cause you to be more aware of things that happen naturally with your body that you never notice, and you think they might be symptoms or abnormalities because you are noticing them for the first time...
Just remember...anxiety makes EVERYTHING worse...andif you think your anxiety might be the cause, it most likely is...
At the same time, if you are truly affraid, go to a doctor, and trust their judgement.
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I have GAD and am a hypochondriac. I can imagine what thoughts come to your head. And the more you think about it, the more of "symptoms" you start to notice. Just imagine that he sat on your stomach or your back, you will notice some "symptoms" there.

I wouldn't be suprised if you went to get an MRI for that accident because I know what GAD is, but I don't think any doctor would order it for that matter.

However, if the fear doesn't go away, go see a doc just for the peace of mind.

IMO, you are just fine. Ear pressure can happen for million other reasons.

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