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I'm terrified of my own heart.

20 year old female. Diagnosed with panic disorder otherwise healthy. Normal pulse, BP, blood work.

It all started with a hospital visit back during Christmas. I was at work one day and had a bad cold... So I took some DayQuil generic brand to get me through the day. Well I noticed that about 30-40 minutes later I was extremely anxious.... I got myself to calm down , but it came back again. I started to freak out really bad at this point and told someone hey look I'm having a terrible panic attack... Well I worked in a doctors office so I had a nurse and Doctor in my room trying to calm me down. Nurse check my pulse and my BP. My pulse wasn't TOO bad it was about 130 - 140 but my blood pressure was HIGH. 190/100 (sometimes. I wonder if she even took it right because I've never had that high of a reading since) they ended up sending me to the hospital next door and all they did for me was give me lorazepam IV .5 mg and told me I was fine just anxiety ( they did two ekgs, a cat scan , and blood tests) they told me not to take cold medicine again like that. Ever since I've had this weird habit . I always check my pulse and I check my blood pressure a lot too even though it's healthy... My average heart rate is 75 and blood pressure 110/70 . It's like I can't shake the thought that I'm actually healthy..... I even wore a holter monitor and all they found were 13 PVCs. I'm just scared my heart is beating super fast and when I check my pulse/ BP it's like I feel in control . I'm not sure what to do at least point I do not want to take medication . I've thought about therapy.... Im just kind of at wits end at this point
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