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I'm very scared )':

Why do I feel scared and think crazy thoughts, am I crazy? It is almost 4 in the morning and I cant sleep because I feel like I'm gonna panic for so apparent reason. This is ridicules! My mind keeps telling me I'm gonna die and I don't know why and I'm getting very scared I feel like crying. Please help me, please. :'(
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its okay im up with ya...this anxiety stuff gives us no rest and if so its in moderation =) i have a clock inside me which is my anxiety clock..this one wakes me between 3 and 4 am on the dot every night..what i do is try my best right when my eyes open to change my thought process..thnk positive things..start reading..do not read the medical symptoms stuff it makes you feel worse and gives you more worry...what helps me alot is to read the positive forums about people recovering or overcoming the bad stuff...read positive quotes and stories...listen to music that is uplifting not sad or depressing...watch funny videos or tv..but not sad news or movies that have too much suspense..write..write as much as you can about the way you feel whether its here or in a journal...dont be afraid your not alone and you can not die from anxiety or panic..its a terrible feeling ..i know this i woke up this way as well..but we are well physically okay..just not emotionally...and we can heal this and its only a terrible feling... everything will be okay just keep reminding yourself that you ARE OKAY and your not alone...you have thousands of people who go through the same as you and worse..and were all here to help each other..hope you feel better soon. God Bless
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No....you're not crazy, so put that thought to rest right now.  It sounds like you're suffering with a lot of anxiety, have you sought help for this?  If not, please do.  There is so much help through therapy and or medications.  You worry about dieing....but you haven't, let that tell you something.  Worrying about a panic attack will cause one, that's just how anxiety works....it feeds off our worries and fears and we need to break the cycle by not worrying about all that we do.  Easier said than done.  When you go to bed at night, fall asleep watching TV or reading a good book.  Never just lay in the dark, this gives us too much time to worry about things.  If you wake up during the night, stay in bed but read or watch something on TV to distract your mind from worry.  Therapy will help you learn "why" you feel you will die and teach you how to deal with it and get beyond that worry.  It's an unfounded fear and many of us have them or have endured them before seeking help.  Know that it's only the "fear" you have that worries and scares you, you'll be fine.  Journal your feelings, putting our thoughts on paper is a form of release for us...even if we just toss them away.  Do deep breathing exercises to relax....breathe deeply in thru your nose and slowly out of your mouth.  Exercise is good for anxiety...it burns up all the extra adrenaline we have and walking is enough to do this.  My therapist told me that when I had trouble falling asleep (and waking in the middle of the night) to think of my favorite vacation spot and go there in my mind.  Feel the warmth of the sun, the sand beneath my feet, the wind, and hear the sounds....it does work.  Try not to be scared...you are and will be okay with a little help.  Know you're not alone with this and we are always here for you.  You can beat this!!  Best wishes......
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