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Implanon contraceptive Implant to Nexplanon contraceptive Implant

I had the Implanon Implant fitted in 2010. I had no problems for the three years that I had this form of contraception. 2 months ago, I had the old one removed and a new Nexplanon Implant fitted. Since then I have had increasing feelings of depression and anxiety. It started with small symptoms, shortness of breath, constant dry mouth - Until I started to feel so low that I wanted to withdrawn myself from any and all social activities. I have stopped going to my local gym classes and although I know this has now worsened my mood I cannot bring myself to go. Being around others, at work or home, leaves me with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. This progressed until now I feel as though 90% of my day is spent trying to control my breathing and stopping the feeling of having my heart jump out of my chest. I don't know if this is or isn't related to my Implant change. But I would like any information to help these moods. Many Thanks.
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