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Implanon gave anxiety and panic attack

Hi guys, I had implanon for almost 5months but had it removed for almost 2 months now, i had my first anxiety attack while on implanon which included hot flashes, panic attacks I truly thought I was gonna die, though I had been experiencing some symptoms prior to the attack and dismissed them. I had the implant removed 4 days after my attack, it’s been two months now and I still don’t feel like my old self, I get the occasional palpitations, difficulty breathing, dizziness, body weakness and it’s honestly not a pleasant feeling. I’d like to know how yours went, how you feel. I’d appreciate a reply soonest, because I’m really worried. I’ve also got 2 little boys, I cannot wait to be myself again and take better care of them,
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I'm a guy so can't give you any personal experience, but can tell you a lot of people over the many years I've been on this site have had problems with treatments that affect hormones.  What you may be experiencing now, though, might be still a hormonal imbalance that hasn't yet normalized, but it can also be that in the period you were suffering anxiety because of the implant your thinking became conditioned to thinking anxious thoughts.  If you think this is the case and it doesn't go away, it might not be a bad idea to see a therapist and work on getting rid of that -- think of it a little like PTSD, you're no longer in the situation but the effect might have been so profound as to affect your thought processes.  Don't know which it is, linger hormonal imbalance or a way of thinking, but just suggesting something that can happen to people no matter how the original panic attack came about.
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