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Increase in anxiety...

My Grammy passed from a major stroke in July and since then my anxiety has sky rocketed. Every day I am in constant worry and fear about my health. I've gone to the doctors and have had a CBC done and my liver and kidneys were tested as well, all came out well. But I've just felt so crappy and have lost my appetite. I have Zoloft but haven't started it yet, I really should though. Is it normal that my anxiety has increased since her passing?
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If it were me, I wouldn't take the Zoloft.  I might take it if this lasts longer than it has so far, but for now, you're suffering a grief reaction and the realization of your mortality.  You can work on this with a therapist and avoid the medication and all its problems if the therapy works, as it probably will given you know exactly when and why this started.  But that's me.
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