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Increased dosage of zoloft...How long will it take to kick in???

I am a 22 yr old female. I've been on 50mg of zoloft for 4yrs or so for anxiety/panic attacks. I recently w/ docs approval increased to 75mg. Well i havent noticed much of a difference yet. Its been since christmas that i started taking the half pill more. How long will this take to kick in? Does it take time? Also if you worry constantly about having another panic attack can that bring them on more often? I have been going threw more stress lately relationships, moving out etc. Is it normal to be scared to move out because i consider it my "safe spot" Thank you for your time.
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Hey, sorry to hear about your situation. You won't notice much of a difference, if even  any at all. Your dose increase should kick in shortly, if it has already.

Yes, when you worry yourself  constantly, that can bring of an anxiety attack. It can be a nasty cycle thats extremely hard to break. Its like a never ending story. Anxiety can be very tricky and very difficult to control once you start to think and worry yourself constantly.

My advice about your life changes would be to talk to a close friend or loved one. If that doesn't seem to  help, maybe try your doctor, which can refer you on to the proper therapist for yourself. Talking about your issues is a great way to let out stress. Less stress=less anxiety. Also if you feel like the medication isn't just cutting it for you, mention that also...he could increase or perscribe something on the side to help.

Its normal to be scared about anything in life. So don't beat yourself over it. Change sometimes can be a good thing. Keep in touch and take care,

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I believe Kane gave you some excellent advice.  In my experience with Zoloft, it can actually increase my anxiety for a couple of weeks whenever I adjust dosage in any direction; this is probably a combination of both physical and some worry that I have when doing this.  As far as it 'kicking in,' it can take a good couple of weeks to a month for me.  However, I believe the most important step I took with my anxiety (and continue to do), is to go to periodic counseling to stay on top of it.  Stress can really take its toll on us both physically and mentally, and for me, the knowledge gained about anxiety and why I think the way I do has proved invaluable to coping and beating this.  As Kane says, don't beat yourself up about this.  We have ups and downs with this as with any challenge that we face in life...keep us posted!
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For excellent advice regarding meds, please visit the MH group for which I have included the link below. Ryan will be more than happy to address your concerns.

When you click on the link, a box will pop up, just click on "open" and you will be in the group and can post your question.

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Thank you all for your responses. All of them helped more than you can imagine. Just knowing there is someone out there feeling the same way i do and knowing that im not alone really helps. I dont want anyone to feel this way that i do but it would be worst if i were the only one! I will keep you all posted as i hope you all will do the same.
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Congratulations for sticking to Zoloft and working with doc on increase.
Enough has mentioned  about options. Here are my comments.

Zoloft wasn't ideal med for me years ago (it ramped up the anxiety), and when I retried @ low dose a couple of months ago, one tablet was enough to put me on toilet for hours of painful diarrhea.

There are many good antidepressants...some help more with anxiety than others.  Believe me I must have been put on and taken off at least 20 in past 30 yrs. LOL.

I wonder if an anti-anxiety might be helpful ...the combination might work.

Moving out of your safety zone is a super hard thing to do for anyone suffering from anxiety disorder.  Get all the support you can...friends, family, doctor, meds...and baby step it.  Don't force yourself to hurry up and adjust...

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