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Inescapable Thoughts


I can't seem to get past my intrusive thoughts. I feel trapped... I know it's the anxiety but it's so hard to get past. Does anyone have any advice?
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Hey Pip I had the same problem but what I did I got an app and there's tons of them that you DL & they're full of positive quotes & inspirational sayings that'll help a lot! I also go to psych/counselor and talk 1x every 2 weeks which helps a lot I wasn't a big believer at first but it does help to talk to someone who's knowledgeable in the med anxiety/panic field. I'm having a prob now where I just started getting this weird head pressure that it feels like my brain is pushing out and my forehead and cheekbones will hurt and my jaw aches it bad and I'm very OCD over my health so when I start to think of he head pressure I think oh gosh it's an Annurisim or Tumor in dying please help and then of course Im'a blue to talk myself down after about an hour long panic attack of  trying to catch my breath and thinking I'm dying but yeah it's a pressure just feels like my brain is pushing outward my ears pop pain behind my eyes,etc. if it was a persons with no panic they would be able to shake it off as just a headache or sinuses but myself I get really freaked out!! It very well to ably maybe sinuses as the pollen is bad this year but it scares me just having head pressure and having my face hurt and ears pop. Sorry for the long story but I overcame the bad thoughts by reading positive thoughts & quotes & if it ever gets bad to a "dark" place of thoughts NEVER EVER HESITATE TO CALL SOMEONE ANYONE AND TALK! I don't care if it's a stranger on the street simply say I really need someone to talk to! I hope this helps you God Bless!! Phil
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Pipdry - Sorry to hear that you have these racing thoughts.  I have them sometimes as well.  I have the diagnosis of generalized anxiety and bipolar disorder.  The bipolar is mostly treated with medicine, and I also take something for anxiety (non-narcotic), but I find the racing thoughts are the thing I have to be active in working on.  The things that helped me at first with them were speaking with a psychiatrist about cognitive behavior therapy.  It is something you can do yourself, if you don't have the time or resources to seek a professional's aid.  Here are some free ones.  They take some practice to internalize, but you can definitely feel relief while doing the first one.  http://psychology.tools/anxiety.html  

It is ironic I found the first and my favorite worksheet that was given to me by my psychologist.  It helps to print out a lot of them and keep them around for frequent usage.  Just try one: http://media.psychology.tools/worksheets/english_us/cbt_thought_record_en-us.pdf

CBT and REBT (which I now also use) - These use the principles of turning your mind to fight off your bad mind, not allowing the 'unwell' mind take over.  Logic and reason were the best ways for me to make progress with my anxiety.  I used to think I was always about to be attacked by people, but my psychologist allowed me to disprove that fear as a highly unlikely and illogical event.

Wish the best for your Pipdry.  Take care! - Brett
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Have you ever looked into meditation?  Also, do you exercise vigorously and regularly?  
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I know myself and what I think and the thoughts are trying to convince me otherwise. I'm scared. I've dealt with this for so long and I'm just scared, I don't know what to do. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll try some.
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I second what Paxiled said.  I try to just sit out in the sun or somewhere comfortable and close my eyes for 30 minutes.  Trying to let myself go and be at peace with what's going on upstairs is a very valuable thing to do in my life.  Works GREAT for anxiety. - Brett
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I'm at loss for what to do... I can't get over these thoughts. Every time I think I have a reassuring thought to ground me, they will get twisted. I'm just scared all the time. How do I get past this? :(  
I would try to take 10 minutes right now and close your eyes.  Think about things you like and things that make you happy.  If you can't- think about things that make other people happy... then you'll realize you might have your own things inside that give you a smile.  Try eating something healthy like salmon and salad.  I try to change my diet if that is the only thing I can control at that moment.  I've taken omega 3 fish oil, flax seed oil, and melatonin as natural ways to relax.  They just might help you too.  I have a philosphy I learned from a recovery group.  It's called HALT.  If you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired- it is time to contact another human being.  Hope the best for you Pipdry.
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I'm not much help but just wanted to say ur not alone I get them too I try to concentrate on my kids cos they always make me smile but sometimes it doesn't work and I also found that the more u fight off the fear and the more ur scared of it the stronger it is just sit down and think of what is it caused by what's on ur mind and try to just let it pass it can't hurt u ur stronger than it its only a feeling..crying or shouting helps ease it off about too
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