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Intrusive Music keeps playing inside my head...

Ever since I started to get a song stuck in my head a couple days ago, it gave me an anxiety attack.


Because the song was stuck in my head for three days. At first, it wasn't a big deal to me because I know we all have a song get stuck in our heads every once in a while, and then it goes away.

But when I noticed the song was still in my head, I got scared and started to panic. Because usually when I get songs stuck in my head, it would last for a while and then it goes away.

When I looked this up on the internet to see if someone experience the same thing as me, I heard that some people had got them too. But what scares me the most is that, they said that the songs were still stuck in their heads for years. I started to get more worried and scared.

Of course, I read that listening to other music will help you to get rid of the ear worm; and that helps a lot, but, another song got stuck in my head also. This time, the song didn't last long; it has gone away the next day.

My head was silent for a moment, but then, another song from the movie got stuck in my head too. Once again, I listened to other musics to get that the song out of my head, and another song got stuck. Ugh! And ever since then, I still have this song stuck in my head.

When I wake up, I started to get nervous and anxious because I know this song is still going to be stuck in my head. My mind would be clear for a moment, but when I started to think about the song to see if I still remember the lyrics and the tune, I started to hear the song in my head again.

All of this has caused me to have an anxiety attack. I couldn't eat, my heart was beating fast and I felt anxious. I even started to think "what if" thoughts in my head too. I feel miserable and kind of depressed too.

What should I do about this?

I want to know is this from the anxiety? Will this ever go away?
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Hi there.  Sorry to hear this is happening.  I'm sure it is very frustrating an intrusive.  When I have a song stuck in my head, it comes and goes.  As in I'll be busy working and concentrating and the song isn't there but then when I walk down the hall of my house I burst out singing that song!  But I only have a song stuck for a bit, maybe a day.  And it is so intermittent that I actually think everyone gets a part of a song stuck in their head from time to time.  

What happens when you concentrate on something?  Can you, for example, put a book on tape called a 'playaway' with headphones on?  (I get these at the library and love them. NOTE:  you have to really focus on the first chapter to get in the book but then it is much easier--  at least that is my experience).  Or if you read?  Or watch a program?  If you are with friends?  Does the song go away during those times?  Do you have anxiety in other areas that are noticeable?  
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I don't know if it's my anxiety doing this or what, but when I concentrate on something or hang out with my family, I don't hear. The only time it gets worse when I start to panic, making me scared. But when I calmed down, it kind of goes away. But I can still hear it faintly, but not like that. I do have an anxiety disorder, I believe, and I remember I used to have irrational thoughts that scared me a lot. I don't know if it comes from anxiety, or the thoughts making me caused to have anxiety; but I don't have irrational, intrusive thoughts anymore. Now I'm dealing with is intrusive music. I just hope it goes away for good, but then again, I'm not sure.
Hi!! Has this gotten any better for you?
Yes! It went away a long time ago. Somehow, it just faded away. I think it was because how stressed out I was, and my anxiety at the time. Thank u for checking up on me.
Oh I’m so glad to hear !!! That makes me hopeful because it’s happening to me right now :( I have heard anyone come back on and say that it went away, which made me more worried so thank you so much for responding. Was there anything that helped you? It’s been happening to me for months now.
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Hi, this has been happening to me for a few months now it all started after a couple weeks of worrying/obsessing about a situation in my life and one morning I woke up and ever since whenever my mind isn’t concentrating on something it seems to come back, some days worse than others and I go through period of times where I don’t notice it. I’m wondering if the songs went away for you  I’m also scared I’m going to be like this forever . If anyone has any help it would be greatly appreciated
It's been two years since I posted this. The songs that was stuck in my head,  faded away a long time ago. Somehow, it just went away. Ever since I stopped stressing and focus on something, the songs just faded. Try to keep yourself busy, and try your best not to obsessed or stress about things because if you do, it will keep getting stuck in your head. Trust me, it will go away. Whatever you're stressing about, try to focus on something that makes you happy and keep your mind occupied with something else. Go out with friends, family, hang out to get the songs out of your head. I believe once you stopped stressing , it will fade away.  It will go away. Just don't pay attention to the songs in your head. Try to distract yourself with something else. You know what I did?

I started playing puzzles games on my phone, like crosswords puzzle. I read up on that, that it helps to get rid of the music thoughts in your head. You should look it up, about how to do brain puzzle to get rid of music intrusive thoughts.  It kind of helps.
Ok I will try me best, thank you so much for the advice and encouragement it means a lot to me:)
What I did was , not paying attention to the songs in my head. I kept my mind more focus and busy on things like, talking on the phone, spending with family and friends. Look at something funny.

Do not stress out too much, do not worry so much because it makes it worse. I also done puzzles games on my phone like "word search" and any other brain games that I play on my phone. I heard that helps a lot too.

Try to look up, "How to get rid of songs that's stuck in your head"

It should tell you many ways to get rid of that repeated songs that's stuck in your head. I believe yours will go away. Do you suffer from Anxiety? If so, it's because of that too.

I also, lookup "earworm" that's what it's called. When songs are stuck in your head.

Here's a link, so you can read up more about it: https://consumer.healthday.com/mental-health-information-25/music-988/can-t-get-that-song-out-of-your-head-here-s-why-716474.html
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