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Is Serelax really do what it claims

I have been on 20mg of Lexapro and .5mg of Klonopin for 3 years. Recently been having major anxiety and depression stemming from my mothers death. The dr upped my alexia pro to 30mg and Klonopin to 1mg.  Should I take Serelax too?
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If this was a recent change in your dose you have to give it more time to see if it's working or not. You don't want to add another med if this new dose is going to work.
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No.  It has 5-HTP in it, so technically this is contraindicated when you're taking an ssri (Lexapro) as both affect serotonin.  It also has GABA in it, which you probably won't metabolize but klonopin targets GABA.  It also has herbal relaxants that target GABA.  If you really know what you're doing you can add natural meds to your drugs, but not with a formula such as this one that , first, probably isn't formulated well enough to be absorbed properly and work properly and can't really be taken apart from when you take your meds.  Also, you're not depressed from your mother's death, you're sad.  You should be sad.  You need to grieve.  You don't want to suppress every emotion or they just build up.  Some things you just have to give time to.  I know that's harder when you're already depressed and suffer from anxiety, but you're not just that, you're still a human being.  Taking additional relaxants can also increase depression.  So stay away from the Serelax always, and stay away from herbal medicine when you're on medication if you don't know it really well if it's working on the same neurotransmitters.
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My dad had a bad reaction to it with his clonazepam. I'm not sayi g you will. I'm just putting it out there. He got clostaphobic and flushed.
This post is 3 years old.  But this is a problem with people who take supplements advertised on the internet -- they know nothing at all about natural medicine.  Serelax probably doesn't work all that much, but it also probably does help some.  But everyone needs to research when you take something new when you're on medication -- meds change the way the body works naturally, and that makes using natural methods of healing more problematic than if you're not taking meds.  Herbal relaxants usually target GABA in some way, the same neurotransmitter benzos target, so when you're on a benzo unless you're truly expert in knowing how much affect you're getting from it and about timing, you don't take an herbal relaxant and a benzo at the same time, as your father did.  
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