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Is it M.S. or just hypochondria?

I am a hypochondriac (confirmed by a doctor) and have had many instances where I thought I had a chronic disease. Currently 19, I am having these random muscle twitches all over the body since 3 days. I googled it(worst mistake) on the first instance and found out it could be MS. Now I am having them more often and everytime I think about it they seem to happen more. I am really worried and the only good thing is I have no other symptoms. My anxiety started 7 years ago and at that time I would get pins and needles on my scalp and arms every time I had an anxiety attack but luckily they never occur anymore. I am stubborn so I never took any anxiety medication and generally beat it. Sadly this time I might need a little help. Thank you.
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Ever tried therapy so you can beat it permanently without medication, given your success thus far without professional help?
It wasn't so bad as to try therapy but now I might consider. Hopefully this is anxiety and not something serious
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Health anxiety is really common.  MS is difficult to diagnose under the best of circumstances.  It does involve a lot more than muscle twitching though.  What is your caffeine intake like? do you exercise?  Eat well?  Sleep well? Not everyone has to take medication for anxiety but you will need to work on it in some way.  Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga?  Could you talk to a therapist?
I am pretty healthy. I play badminton 4 times a week. Almost never drink caffeinated drinks, 7 hrs consistent sleep and healthy eating habits. Thing is I live in a tropical country where the odds of it being MS are astronomical. Sadly there is always a "but what if I have it" in my mind. The spasms are getting more noticeable when they come but painless. It's almost like I search for them if I don't get one in a while and a new cycle starts. I have decided to get some vitamin d supplement and see what happens. Thank you for all of your replies
No one can diagnose you from here, including yourself so you need to stop Googling for Death. Which you already stated was a mistake.
You can Google anything that you plan to do in the next 5 minutes and find someone telling you that you can die from it, so being a hypochondriac is asking for trouble doing this.
I'm also a bit confused about that bit about living in a tropical country.  This isn't a common disease anywhere, though it does exist.  What is common in tropical countries are bacterial infections, fungal infections, and insect bites.  Poor countries have higher rates of all illnesses because they often don't have modern water treatment facilities.  What is less common in tropical countries than in temperate countries is MS.
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