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Is it anxiety?

am a student studying for medical  entrance exam. I have a keen interest for doctor based TV shows and the like. Watching these TV shows and studying for the various medical exams has given me awareness of all the things that can go wrong in the body. I have never been as conscious of my heart and brain as I am now. I am quite sure these feelings are all in my head but I cannot help it. The slightest inconvenience takes my train of thought to grave conditions. My question is if this condition of mine will pass or will it get worse should I actually get in to a medical college. And if it will pass how can I help myself.
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I’m sorry that I do not have an answer for you but, I can relate.  I recently went through nursing school & obtained my nursing license earlier this year.  I have yet to pursue a job as a nurse because of my severe health anxiety.  I have always suffered from health anxiety but I feel that going through nursing school & clinicals on a palliative care unit jusf made my health anxiety worse.  Seeing things & having the knowledge about what can go wrong in the body scared the crap out of me.  I am now even more so aware of every single quirk in my body.  So, I can definitely relate.  I often wonder if I should have ever even went to nursing school!  
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Well, of course it's all in your head, everything is in our heads.  You don't have any actual illness, so yeah, it's in your head.  Did you think to try not watching the TV shows while you're taking your exams and see if this phase passes?  But as someone who graduated law school and graduate school, it's pretty natural because this type of study is so intense to pretty much live in the experience.  I used to dream cases I hadn't read yet.  It's natural when you're completely absorbed in something that takes up most of your time.  It's important to try to break this up with fun exercise and getting as much social fun in as possible -- and not much will be.  I don't think what you're experiencing is abnormal.  As for the nurse who responded, that's anxiety, not nursing school.  Clearly we all know at some level that life is not long and we will all get sick and die.  Everyone does.  But some docs and nurses just aren't really equipped for constantly being exposed to the pain and suffering of others, and others lack empathy so much that they're borderline sociopaths who couldn't care less about their patients.  The middle ground is where you need to be so you can do the job.  If you can't, then yeah, it's probably not your cup of tea.  This is a big problem with professional schools in general -- you really don't know what it's like to practice from school, and after all that schooling it's a bummer to learn you don't actually like doing the job.  But it happens a lot in life.  Both of you need to look deep inside and decide if this is the right course of life for you.  My guess is, if you really want to do the job, time will allow you to settle in and get used to it.  All the best.
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Ya i'd say its Stress and Anxiety. Your second guessing things which is normal alot of people do this when something like a big exam is coming. Atleast this is what it sounds like. Also maybe you don't have a good attention span which could be also related to stress. In college i never wanted to read and it was so annoying that anything could get me off track. but i made it thru.Also you say you like doctor based tv shows? What kinda of Dr TV shows, if you mean Dr Oz, The Doctors or the good Doctor. I'd say take it wasy on them. Sure TV dramas are cool because you can relate to it, but other shows like OZ are kinda crap, he has gotten heat in the past for contradicting himself. One day coffee is the almight evil and next week its the miracle cure for may things. Take information from these shows with a grain of salt and always ask yourself if what theyre saying makes since. Read and Study the textbooks they will get you further then anything. It's like when i used to watch tv shows that dealt with technology and stuff that interested me, then as i got old and went to college and then look back on these shows and its like how did i ever think this was real, non of this is how it really works.
You know, coffee is both of those things -- it is good for some things but you can't stop he fact it's a stimulant that some people can't handle.  Dr. Oz has been caught selling things.  Most of these famous book writers whether they're natural healers or allopathic healers do that -- you're right that we all need to be wary about these fad followers.  Too often they're just selling us stuff.
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They say the beauty of the mind is, once it is stretched by a new idea,  it never returns to it's original dimension. Like a baby’s first steps and first run, like an older child’s first ride on a bicycle without training wheels, or like a teenager’s first solo drive in the car, once we have experienced the expanding of our limits, life is different, and will never be the same.

Seeking out new ideas, or at least reacting to them when we come across them, is part of human nature. We are inquisitive beings.  The flipside of this phenomenon is, we sometimes become incessant with this. We become the subject of our own learning and we obsess about it. The mind is wonderful,  it can do so much to your body and make you believe it is happening.  

It is imperative that you define a neutral point in your mind and that is the point where you tell your self that its is YOU.  You can wander anywhere you want to but always come back to the defined 'YOU' spot. If that can be done,  you will become a successful doctor or whatever you pursue in your life.

In my Hindu / Buddhism  culture, we try meditation and it helps in knowing your mind through certain techniques, it helps in being better thinking individuals.  I'm in no way professing a relion or belief here but only stating a possibility as a technique that you could look at, it has benefitted a large population accross the globe.

Hope I could make some sense here today,  I wish you good luck and sending healing energies your way.
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