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Is it anxiety? Or is it serious. . Please Help

A while ago i started obsessing and worrying i was going to have a heart attack , I am youngish 19 years old a light smoker and i do drink once in a while. It got to the point where i couldnt breath and i would think i wass having chest pains and i would worry so much i would get a weird feeling in my chest.
Then no to long after i found out that my mum had sufferd one and she is 44 and heavy smoker , ex alcholic and drug user and is know for stress ect.
Ever since i have been getting a constant left arm ache which i thought was to be of my implanon contraceptive device , but i dont know , its like a constant left arm ache , and i get it mainly when i notice it or in the evenings and then i will get chest pains like underneath my left breast and worry
Sometimes i get it when my heart will go funny like it will take a beat then stop and i breath funny and start again when i start to worry about it.
Please dont think i am weird.

im just so worried and scared im going to have a heart attack or that the arm pain is related to my heart.
Please help

Trudi Jones
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Anxiety can cause all sorts of aches and pains. You are worrying about a heart attack so it is natural you focus on anything that may be a symptom of that. Such as left arm pain.

A more likely explanation is that you may sleep on that side and have your arm under your head. I do that, withmy right arm and have forever. Some days it's quite sore and aches. But I know what it is.

Not saying that's your problem, just something to consider.

What you describe could be a panic attack. They can be quite devastating, sausing us to struggle to breathe, have our hearts feel like they will burst out of our chest and really just bring our bodies to the edge of it's strength.

Best thing to do though is see a doctor and find out for sure what's going on. A doctor can eliminate a number of posible problems, including heart issues through tests. If it is a heart problem then they can identify it and help now.
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Yes i will go to the doctors after christmas as that will be the only time i can get an appointment , i have spoken to doctors and they told me it wasnt of concern and that i would be absolutelty certain if i was suffering a heart attack.
Im sure its anxiety or possibly my implant , as i do need to sort this out and nip it in the bud , on the slight possibility it could be serious
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Hey, Im also young (22) and I have chest pain, left arm pain, and anxiety as well. I even had my gall bladder out 6 weeks ago because thats originally what the doctors said the chest pain was coming from. (I did have gall bladder sludge, which apparently can cause that) but now that its out the pain is still there. Ive been in and out of doctor's offices and had ekg's and everything was normal. Im not sure what it is, but being a psych major I know that the mind is powerful and if you obsess about something enough, you can actually make your body create the pain. I was relieved to hear you get your pain in exactly the same place as me (under your left breast). Is it an unbearable pain thats like an intense ache? It really does feel like a heart attack and it is scary, but we have to convince ourselves we are too young for this. Im going to the doctor next week to continue to have things ruled out, so I guess you should do the same, so that when it happens you can rest assured that theres nothing wrong but anxiety.
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